According to medical experts: The health and safety protocol for any Christmas gathering/ reunion/ party/ get-together is  (and it’s dire)   : 10-14- day-Quarantine priorly  (this is self-isolation, or no contact with any person outside, for all, and 10-14 days before the gathering. No contact means none of you in the house was more than one meter from anyone outside the house). The alternative, which is less reliable, is a Rapid Test taken a few days before the gathering. (draw blood!). Then,  the gathering should be outdoors, carousers should be wearing the usual masks, face shields, follow one-meter-distancing, and observe no-hugs, no- kiss, no- singing. Or else, a vulnerable among you may die (vulnerable refers to those who have an underlying condition like heart/lung/blood/ conditions etc.).       

     Any person can be a carrier. To laymanize that: i can be a carrier between today and Dec. 25 because i’m not in isolation but i observe safety protocol (pero  kasalanan ko pa,  ganern? ). The first (the quarantine) is no longer doable between now and Dec. 25 … and even  if it’s still doable — are you kidding me, i’m unable to do that, then someone will get sick you’ll blame everyone and look at me ( — siya ho,  siya ho may kasalanan)

(File photo: from the archives)

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