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99.9 % of the time, the daily delivery of fresh leaves for veggies gets it : Packaged Superfood brand, sealed airtight, to avoid infection. This time, they delivered romaine leaves that are not sealed. After researching (by Google search) on how to disinfect fresh veggies, the following is the result: There is no evidence that vinegar, salt, or baking soda will kill the coronavirus. Soap does, but the porous leaves will absorb the soap and you will ingest the soap and slowly get poisoned. Rubbing alcohol does, but you will also ingest it and get poisoned.

Alcohol, it is.

(The real advice is to wash the leaves thoroughly with plain running tap water — this way, all particles are mechanically sloughed away. The research shows coronavirus infects you through the respiratory tract and eyes, so don’t breathe while chewing the leaves, just make sure the particles in your mouth do not enter the respiratory tract — ( in any case, it doesn’t survive the acid in your stomach, some other kind of virus can live in your stomach but not this one), but because i’m an OC, i water-torture the leaves with the tap faucet for eternity … then looked for some edible alcohol.)

there’s always some vodka lying around, don’t judge me, all working members of any profession have some vodka lying around, there’s none in the pantry this time but there’s brandy, don’t judge me, brandy is a cure to symptoms of cough and colds. A sample photo of a portion of leaves being soaked in brandy, below the text.

After soaking, rinse it well as brandy-in-the-morning is bad form — (it’s the leaves, just trying to get my daily fix of fresh leaves without getting infected), i beat them up with water-rinsing again for zero alcohol in my blood …

driving in two hours …

away from your judgmental eyes huhuhu.

(nah, they don’t look drunk to me)

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