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Arrests of Facebook content-creators and Twitter users in the first 60 days
of the lockdown: (the data set was part of a paper submitted earlier to U.P. Law)
March 2020 to June 2020 :
37 arrests of Facebook and Twitter content-creators
12 subpoenas, criminal investigation of FB and Twitter content-creators
11 show-cause notices/ demands-to-apologize of FB and Twitter users

       In the first 60 days of the lockdown, more than one social media user  EVERY OTHER DAY was being  arrested based on their social media content  regarding how the pandemic was being handled.     

        Policemen, prosecutors and judges are using “continuing crime doctrine”,  relics of  the Marcos dictatorship: Garcia vs. Enrile, Ilagan vs. Enrile, and their resurrection in Umil vs. Ramos – for warrantless arrests of social media content-creators, users, and commenters.

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