The brilliant Sassagurl produced a video: “Trying to write using the framework of postmodernism and Michel Foucault” (Genre: Horror)

    It’s that time of the year when people are writing their thesis, papers, pleadings, motions on a 24-hour deadline. The brilliant Sassagurl of itssassagurl produced a video:  “Trying to write using the framework of postmodernism, Michel Foucault and the “Archaeology of Knowledge” on a 12-hour deadline”

video produced by itssassagurl , used here non-commercially for the academic purpose of writing about discourse analysis … twitter video will pixelate in five seconds … below Michel Foucault’s discourse analysis…

    Michel Foucault in “Archaeology of Knowledge” :

“For many years now, historians have preferred to turn their attention to long periods, as if, beneath the shifts and changes of political events, they were trying to reveal the stable, almost indestructible system of checks and balances, the irreversible processes, the constant readjustments, the underlying tendencies that gather force, and are then suddenly reversed after centuries of continuity, the movements of accumulation and slow saturation, the great silent, motionless bases that traditional history has covered with a thick layer of events.


           “At about the same time, in the disciplines that we call the history of ideas, the history of science, the history of philosophy, the history of thought, and the history of literature (we can ignore their specificity for the moment), in those disciplines which, despite their names, evade very largely the work and methods of the historian, attention has been turned, on the contrary, away from vast unities like ‘periods’ or ‘centuries’ to the phenomena of rupture, of discontinuity. Beneath the great continuities of thought, beneath the solid, homogeneous manifestations of a single mind or of a collective mentality, beneath the stubborn development of a science striving to exist and to reach completion at the very outset, beneath the persistence of a particular genre, form, discipline, or theoretical activity, one is now trying to detect the incidence of interruptions. Interruptions whose status and nature vary considerably… “

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