Life during a pandemic

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A panelist intently and dutifully listened to the presentation, then analyzed, then commented on the manuscript, then presided over the meeting, then concluded, all  for two hours, or more, even as he was scheduled for vaccination today.

    That’s professional and academic life during the pandemic.

    Note to self: If ever i’m called for vaccination (A4, two notices, no specific date yet), here are some notes to myself:

 1.Get the shot on your dominant arm (the medicine circulates faster there, therefore, there would be less soreness).

2.Wear light, comfortable clothes, bring drinking water, anticipate hot weather, bring something to entertain yourself like Tiktok, etc..

3.for the worst case scenario of an adverse event, note to self: i’ve prepared a bottle of junior paracetamol in case of a headache or fever (for you, you might want something stronger), a bottle of milk of magnesium in case i get acidic, a digital thermometer, and of course, emergency numbers… what else, did i forget anything else? let me know.

    Hopefully, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting like answering an exam while experiencing an event arising from your vaccine.

4.Tell people where you’re going and what time you’re expected back so we know your route i guess.

you probably shouldn’t drink too much coffee …

on your way there, think of all the places you will go and all the people you will hug after the pandemic,

and hum your favorite tune …

in a light and easy manner,

don’t choose a belter.

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