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The declassified US Pres. Biden intel report on the origin of Covid19 here.  Thank you. I can work with this. It’s an official document. (sorry po for the pressure … writing a paper)

 if you read the publicly available consolidated June 2020 medical report by epidemiologists in China on the clinical samples of the first, earliest 41 patients (of November-December 2019) including that of probable Patient Zero, you would find that this report (the Biden intel report)  is consistent with that — in terms of : 1.the time frame of the earliest transmissions — the probable “when” (the time frame is earlier than the December Wuhan market superspreader event ), 2.the location of the earliest transmissions 3.the probable manner of infection, 4.and other parameters. … i waited for this. not disappointed with the rigor (or the apparent rigor involved in evaluating data —  the full report has not been disclosed ).

but i can use this, it’s okay.

    Or to make that short: The Biden declassified intel report is consistent with publicly known clinical samples of the earliest patients, but China refused access to clinical samples of 117 more of the set “earliest patients”.

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