(File photo: Original, from blog archives) #Oscars2022 #Oscars Academy should impose sanctions against Will Smith (e. g., suspension, community service) for misdemeanor battery. Chris Rock, his writers, the producers responsible, should be required to attend a sensitivity seminar

Apparently, prosecutors who have been interviewed (see San Francisco Chronicle) are reluctant to prosecute Will Smith for misdemeanor battery (intentionally striking another person) as the criminal dockets are clogged as they are, and “no jury would convict him”, according to the prosecutors, as his actions are perceived to have been “provoked”, and it would be a waste of taxpayers’ money to proceed.

Nevertheless, in order to serve as an example (e.g., children should not think it’s alright to whack a clown in the head), and notwithstanding his remorseful, written public apology, the Academy should impose sanctions against him (misdemeanor battery in California law is actually punishable with six months’ imprisonment or fine) commensurate to the deed of criminal misdemeanor, such as six months’ suspension from the actors’ guild, the directors’ guild, and from work, and, to run concurrently, six months of community service in the form of gentle poetry-reading to audiences in convalescent homes, and personally providing basic and moderate dance steps tutorials to elderly citizens, plus a fine commensurate to his financial standing the proceeds of which shall go to the arts program of district public schools.

Chris Rock, his writers, and the responsible producers, should be required to attend a sensitivity seminar daily for three weeks (equivalent to any professional training or seminar) to update them and bring them up to the 2020s to make them understand it is no longer acceptable to make jokes out of another person’s ailments or physical conditions (such as alopecia in the case of Jada Pinkett Smith) for a few laughs from the Hollywood glitterati.

Or else, the entire spectacle should be seen as nothing more than a publicity stunt, and the organizers, chastised accordingly.

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