if on mobile, tap “Listen in browser”, nuong April 5 sinabi ihinto ang di-magandang ad, nuong unang airing… I TOLD YOU SO

Pulse Asia Apr16-21 Survey. Apr5-21 is the  3-Daughters-Ad comfortably seated on sofa airconditioned  waiting for their candidate Mom VP Leni with lines like “yung sobhrha — share nahtehn” (all wrong, not their true nature, 3 daughters work hard) aired daily Apr5-21. VP Leni’s numbers went down Pulse Asia Apr16-21. I TOLD YOU SO. I TOLD YOU SO. See Apr5 post here which stated: STOP USING this ad. (Hopefully, when this wrong-concept-3-daugthers-ad was pulled out Apr21, the numbers started to go up, especially with millions of volunteers on the ground. Much precious time was lost, three weeks)

    (when that wrong-concept-3-daugthers-ad came out and there were many constructive criticisms from professionals and ad executives, the Leni fanatics were unleashed to defend the ad and resort to ad hominem attacks to silence those who were giving constructive criticism. That wrong-concept-3-daugthers-ad was aired for almost three weeks, through Holy Week when tens of millions were watching TV. The fanatics won – and we lost three weeks. Fanatics are the bane of any movement. Hopefully, the numbers are going up now with multiple efforts in all avenues)

(table from Pulse Asia, used here non-commercially for academic purposes, red-font graphics from blog admin)

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