By now, you would have familiarized yourself with your “average” body temperature because at the height of the pandemic, every time you had to enter the grocery, mall, bank, or any building, your temperature is checked and, if you were paying attention, you would have come to know by now that you have an average temperature (instead of relying on the usual “above 37 degrees means you have a fever, below that is fine”) … because if you know your average temperature, you wouldn’t be wondering “why do i feel like i have a sinat but my temperature is below 37 naman? ” I think you should know your own body and trust what it’s telling you.

My body temperature today is my average : it’s always 34.something degrees :

Body temperature today :

My temperature every time I have muscle soreness in the big muscles from prolonged physical activity rises one degree — that is a sinat for me but a doctor would tell me “Oh, you’re fine” Hindi nga eh, i’m taking my temperature because i feel like i have a sinat.

Body temperature yesterday: (it even rose up to 36.4 in the afternoon)

… drank lots of water, did not go out… just edited a little, surfed a lot…

decluttered one room,

contacted the telco for a pending work and the cable company to find out what was going on (baka lang naman may maitulong ako, chozz. accidental rupture of a cable on the street daw), stressful …

took a dinengdeng with lots of ginger — like, giant boulders of ginger that you could munch because they’re made tasty by the dinengdeng (vegetable stew) (food is medicine (for me) , didn’t take anything else — i like to feel my symptoms)…

then turned in early and got eight hours of sleep.

It’s gone: Muscle soreness in the big muscles and sinat is gawn (gone) now.

Get to know your body well, and learn to listen to it.

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