Notes on the UP Pep Squad report which came out last night

A.Administrative aspect

     Apparently, a new coaching staff needed to be put together since a year ago because the coaching staff had been “put on leave of absence”.

    It could be resolved, since a year ago,  by addressing it — a year ago.

    Solve the problem.

     If a new coaching staff could not be found, the advice is to ask for help. Find an interim coaching staff — in the meantime, because athletes need to train. Kahit training coach and conditioning coach muna, these athletes need to limber up everyday.

     Use problem-solving skills.

    Solve the problem. Mukhang one year na. Solve the problem. Kung wala — wala talaga, sabihin na wala, wala po tayong makita na coaching staff, tulungan nyo po kami maghanap. Hwag ibalik-balik sa pinanggalingan. Be straightforward and solve the problem.

B.On the substantive issues raised

     Outside of any processes, a policy statement can be made on “fundraising” activities


   1.Are faculty members allowed to collect money from students?

   2.Are coaches allowed to collect fines from student athletes?

   3.Are students allowed to volunteer moneys to their teacher? Are athletes allowed to volunteer money to their coach? Are students allowed to volunteer money to their school?

   4.How do we raise funds for our student athletes?

C.On the investigative report:

   1.Was the report truthful? Check yes.

   2.Was the report on a topic of public concern? Check yes.

   3.What principles of ethics and code of ethics govern journalists and student journalists? Check the SPJ Code of Ethics, the Philippine Press Code of Ethics (PPI Code of Ethics) and other journalists’ codes of ethics.


Yun na lamang po muna 😀 to be continued.

File photo from news organizations, used here non-commercially for academic purposes

File photo from news organizations, used here non-commercially for academic purposes

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