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In Our Shaken Morning

(file photo: from the news site described here, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)

Friends and  i were in tremors at about 8:43 this morning, not from any quake shaking but with laughter at Karen Davila’s interviewee: A crackpot-legislator identified with the Marcos camp proposing a law prohibiting ghosting your ex, or your bae/ former boo, or the person-you-no-longer-want-to-hear-from –-and, in the interview, proposing to punish the ghoster (ikaw/ tayo na ayaw mag-reply ni-ha, ni-ho) with community service or some such criminal punishment. Anern?! Suddenly, the Marcos-loyalist-interviewee disappeared. Then anchor Karen Davila calmly said she felt an earthquake where she was, and had to verify it.

And she was right.

    ( we didn’t feel the earthquake due to giggling and cackling fits. Wala kaming naramdaman, hindi ka nag-iisa)

   True to form, Teleradyo of ABS-CBN transformed its regular programming to the much-needed Special Coverage of the earthquake and its aftermath. And everything became formal. Reports from first-hand sources from various points of the archipelago were beamed live on how said witnesses experienced the earthquake and the  effects on affected residents. This was contextualized with interviews of Phivolcs Director Prof. Solidum and other experts on what and when to expect possible after-shocks (which indeed occurred) and what to do.

     For the next two hours of this shaken morning, ABS-CBN Teleradyo is THE ONE AND THE ONLY NEWS CHANNEL (you can verify it, sila lang po ang nag-ulat ng live ) — THE ONE AND ONLY NEWS CHANNEL on free TV (digital) — reporting on the earthquake in a continuous, real-time, and comprehensive manner.

Two years into being deprived a franchise, today it is the ONE AND ONLY TV NETWORK providing vital information, real-time, on the tremor.

Imagine how much more can be delivered in terms of advisories to relocate and evacuate for safety, in terms of rescue and relief operations, with a possible nationwide reach into the most far-flung districts with restored radio frequencies of a restored network.

     The Marcos SONA emphasized “economic recovery” with nary a word about the need to provide the people with accurate information in times of crises and disasters.

    In hours of deprivation and hunger for  advice and instruction, information – correct information — is food and nourishment, and the men and women of this network have always gathered their best to provide us the best.

(Would that the present regime redeem its ancestors’ “sins” by correcting the present anomaly of two years of dark clouds, instability, and storminess)

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