Resource materials for Senate-House Commission on Appointments for next Tueday’s hearing 29 Nov 2022 (used in the Teleradyo interview 24hrs ago on the NTC Circular applied to all applicants for franchises, violated by ex-NTC head Gamaliel Cordoba in the arbitrary and summary shutdown of ABS-CBN, in violation, too, of administrative due process, and as a result, constricting the access to information of millions of viewers

Ong, Jonathan Corpus and Jason Vincent A. Cabañes (2019). Politics and Profit in the Fake News Factory: Four Work Models of Political Trolling in the Philippines. NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence. pages 9-24. Retrieved from:

And now, as part of the Supreme Court jurisprudence on ABS-CBN vs. NTC:
Justice Marvic Leonen, Separate and Concurring Opinion in ABS-CBN vs. NTC, GR No. 252119 Aug. 25, 2020 at

Justice Leonen, Separate and Concurring : “(T)o silence a network of such huge scale, one that has provided vital news to the country-now, more than ever, amid the pandemic– is not only prima facie censorship, but is an outright denial of information from the Filipino people who need it most. xxx
xxx “(O)ther media giants with expired franchises had been allowed to operate pending the renewal of their applications, and considering the House’s documented delay in acting on petitioner’s franchise, respondent’s extraordinary action not only took the House by surprise, but also affected the sovereign discussion on matters related to the governance of the arts. xxx
xxx “(P)etitioner was not given proper notice and hearing. Instead, on May 5, 2020, respondent hastily issued a Cease and Desist Order… xxx
“(I)t (the NTC) blatantly violated petitioner’s right to due process and openly defied Congress’ prerogative… xxx
xxx “(E)ven if petitioner’s permits were to be rendered expired ipso facto upon the expiry of the legislative franchise, the issuance of the Cease and Desist Order would still be improper. Petitioner would still have the authority to continue, in light of the grace period that respondent itself gave in Memorandum Order No. 02-03-2020 dated March 16, 2020. xxx
“(T)hus, not only was the Cease and Desist Order contrary to respondent’s own Memorandum Order granting the grace period, but it is also contrary to respondent’s own policy of allowing broadcast companies to continue their operations pending their franchise renewal. xxx
xxx “(P)etitioner provided access to news and entertainment to the majority population. Therefore, the delay in the franchise renewal deliberations for no technical reason at all effectively silenced petitioner, which amounts to a prima facie censorship.” (Ibid.)

24 hours ago: ABS-CBN Teleradyo concept, script, production, and direction by Remyr Simbajon, Charlie Navartey, Camille Postolero, & staff. Supervision by ABS-CBN Sr VP & News Dept Chief Regina “Ging” Reyes, anchored by Tony Velasquez & Karmina “KC” Constantino (newspegged on the valid and serious grounds raised by Sen. Risa Hontiveros and Sen. Grace Poe) – Here it is, the featured video clip on YouTube :

The freeze-frame feature on YouTube was also produced by ABS-CBN Teleradyo

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