12 hours ago, Live Interview: ABS-CBN Pasada sa Teleradyo news anchors Peter Musňgi, Rica Lazo throw “sizzling” questions at the end of a blazing afternoon on the US State Dept country report on the Philippines which expressed concern over redtagging perpetrated by Philippine government agencies against human rights workers and on physical attacks against journalists

The virtual background is an original photo shot in person by blog admin of a classroom at the UP College of Mass Communication Department of Journalism (blog admin had just come from class, Laws on Communication and Media, classrooms are being fully used on classdays until 6pm/ 7pm).

Big smile 😊 Happy that Bos Peter, Ma’am Rica, and assistant producer Titus liked our classroom background (Bos Peter said of the Maskom classroom in his folksy Tagalog accent: Ká-ganda naman, makulay na makulay (very stimulating, very colorful) —

– renovation of the classrooms were made possible by donations to the UP Mass Comm Foundation from UPCMC alumni and news companies as well, and funds from the UPCMC and the UP Admin, the UP budget, etc.. Marami pong salamat, big smile 😊

Fresh and interesting discussion from in-depth questions by news anchors Peter Musňgi, Rica Lazo, and the staff… Panoorin! News program video produced by ABS-CBN, used here non-commercially for academic purposes…

will pixelate below the photo freeze-frame of said news program in five seconds…

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