A witty millennial’s riposte to #Du30 ’s #walangpasok Sept 21 pero hindi holiday

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A  witty millennial’s riposte to #Du30 ’s #walangpasok Sept 21 pero hindi holiday

     From Du30: Walang pasok sa Sept. 21… pero hindi ko sinasabing holiday (Government work is suspended on Sept. 21 … but I am not saying it’s a holiday.)
       Here’s what exactly he said upon being asked whether offices were suspended on Sept. 21  : “Yung  gustúh  mag-prutistáh  labb-an  sa  gubirnúh … magba-bba-áhn  kayú  lahat!  Walang trabahu! …  Piru  hindi  ku  sinasabing halideh!” (roughly: “Those who what to hold protest actions against the government …you can all step out of your offices! Work is suspended! But I’m not saying it’s a holiday!”)
     A millennial’s riposte to Du30’s “ #walangpasok but I’m not saying it’s a holiday”
twitter.com/karagatan tweets:
(from twitter.com/karagatan)
Du30 pag inaantok na: Pipikit lang ako nang 8 hours pero di ko sinasabing natutulog ako.”
(“Du30 as he prepares to sleep: “I will close my eyes for 8 hours but I’m not saying I’m sleeping.”)
(from twitter.com/karagatan)
Du30 as a weather forecaster: Madaming pumapatak na tubig mula sa langit but I’m clarifying that I did not say it’s raining.
(“There are lots of water pouring from the sky … but I’m clarifying that I did not say it was raining.”)
(from twitter.com/karagatan)
Du30 pag nililigawan: Sinasagot na kita pero di ko sinasabing “tayo” na.
(Du30 when being courted: I’m saying yes to you… but I’m not saying we’re together.)
(from twitter.com/karagatan)

‘Pag relationship dissonance na: Ayoko na sayo at may iba na ako pero di ko sinasabing break na tayo.
(If in a relationship dissonance: I don’t like you anymore and I’m already with someone else but I’m not saying we’ve broken up.)
(from twitter.com/karagatan)
Du30 on drug war, from gma news: “yung drugs ay hindi matatapos yan!…because it will never end!”
(“the drugs will never stop…because it will never end!”)