Law on Mass Media & Communication 4th Exercise and Bonus Exercise

Law on Mass Media and Communication 4th Exercise and Bonus Exercise 

    The 4th Regular Exercise is on Justice Malcolm’s enunciated principles in U.S. vs. Bustos on the underlying principle of the guarantee of a free press and freedom of expression (“Turning to the pages of history, we state nothing new when we set down that freedom of speech as cherished in democratic countries was unknown in the Philippine Islands before 1900. A prime cause for revolt was consequently ready made. xxx

     “The interest of society and the maintenance of good government demand a full discussion of public affairs. Completely liberty to comment on the conduct of public men is a scalpel in the case of free speech. The sharp incision of its probe relieves the abscesses of officialdom. Men in public life may suffer under a hostile and an unjust accusation; the wound can be assuaged with the balm of a clear conscience. A public officer must not be too thin-skinned with reference to comment upon his official acts. Only thus can the intelligence and the dignity of the individual be exalted.”):

      Illustrate through a news event contained or discussed in a news report or news feature or opinion-editorial this principle ( What Justice Malcolm described as: “The sharp incision of its probe relieves the abscesses of officialdom …”). 

(time frame: September 2019-February 2020)


         The Bonus Exercise covers Item E, Chapter VI of the syllabus: If a gag order is imposed against all persons “connected with ABS-CBN” or representing ABS-CBN, who are speaking on or posting about or writing about the issues involved in the shutting down of ABS-CBN,  who could be covered by a blanket gag order?

           Deadline for all exercises are Wednesdays 5pm: (Feb. 26, 2020 Wednesday at 5pm).

      Please separate the regular post from the bonus post for ease of checking and recording. Tnx.)

         Advance Happy Anniversary of the People’s Uprising, everyone!

Families & friends: Much appreciation: Manang Wilma Celino & family (California), Myra, Mommy (Lydia Celino), Prof. Diosa Labiste, Prof. @karadavid , UP Journ Dept Chair Lou Tangi, UP CMC faculty & staff, @iamkarendavila @gabdramos for re-posting, re-tweeting, families & friends who stand for a free press

Families & friends: Much appreciation: Manang Wilma Celino & family (California) who saw the ABS-CBN News Channel Headstart episode on The Filipino Channel, Myra, Mommy (Lydia Celino) who viewed it online, Prof. Diosa Labiste who re-posted, Prof. Kara David (also of GMA 7) who re-posted a quote in the thread, UP Journ Dept Chair Lou Tangi, UP CMC faculty and staff, UP CMC Student Council Chair Gab Ramos, for re-posting, re-tweeting, families and friends who stand for a free press;
… and many more: netizens, organizations, and of course broadcast journalist Karen Davila (and earlier, Henry Omaga-Diaz), the producers and staff of ABS-CBN, and broadcasters and talents of GMA 7, news anchors of GMA 7 who resplendently wore red-green-blue Kapamilya colors the next day,

(this photo becoming viral shows millions of people and multiple media platforms acting as one: a crowdsourced photo: Image rightclicked from the Inquirer: Netizens viralized the GMA 7 freeze-frame photo of news anchors wearing ABS-CBN colors, shot by a twitter user, which became viral, and the Inquirer storified)

… Igan and his co-anchors on DZBB who, when the news first broke out, expressed concern about the quo warranto), Rappler, the NUJP, the members of the Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation, John Nery and his colleagues in the Inquirer, the NUPL, internet influencers momblogger, and many more who stand for a free press.

Rappler pioneers in crowdsourced enterprising online news journalism, ABS-CBN leads in 24-7 non-stop worldwide multiplatform news, GMA 7 has an edge in trailblazing investigative documentaries and in-depth reports, the Inquirer shows the way in game-changing headline stories and editorials that steer the national conversation, ABS 5 packs a punch with insightful news anchors, netizens momblogger and blogwatch TV, the NUJP, and many more internet influencers shape our world in the worldwide web:

     We cannot survive losing any one of the media organizations as they are our lifeline to our families and the world.

#MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict #MaguindanaoMassacre Promulgation: What to expect procedurally; posted at8:58am

#MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict #MaguindanaoMassacre Promulgation: What to expect procedurally ; posted at 8:58am                 

          Accused might move to waive reading and move to proceed straight to reading of the dispositive portion; prosecution might object; depending on how well the parties argue, the judge may or may not grant waiver of reading.

     If waiver of reading is granted, the reading of the dispositive portion will take less than ten minutes. If waiver of reading not granted, the reading will take as long as the amount of time it takes to read it out —– i’m guessing, based on the number of accused and the amount of evidence: hours.

     For journalists: If reading is waived: Get your digital devices ready in order to be able to jpeg the entire file copy and upload it online as soon as you can.

     If guilty verdict: The Court normally will remand the accused to be detained at the NBP; the accused might beat the judge to the draw and before remand might manifest  intention to appeal and  move that the accused be remanded to the same detention cell in Camp Bagong Diwa or the hospital. If accused makes such a motion, the prosecution will object.

    Accused might also ask for sentences to run concurrently instead of consecutively with time served (time in detention considered as service of sentence), for shorter service. Prosecution will object.

    If found guilty of a less offense: Same manifestations.

     If not guilty: Accused will be processed for release.

     For a guilty verdict, the quantum of evidence is “beyond reasonable doubt” : in ordinary sense, it means : the evidence leaves no room for doubt.

      (The Maguindanao Massacre is the murder of 58 people including 32 media reporters, two young female lawyers, and passersby.)