shot 2 weeks ago & 4 weeks ago: Police spot reports

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Shot two weeks ago, after exams, from Tara’s camera, set up by Reiven, timer device


Second photo, shot mid-April 2018 at the Philippine National Police Quezon City Police Department  Station 10, EDSA:

from Jo’s camera, set up by Reiven, timer device

Police spot reports/ crime spot reports



Breaking: The entire PNP (police force) of Caloocan axed in view of the Kian/Carl/Reynaldo killings

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Breaking News first posted at 9:12am: From DZBB: The entire PNP (police force) of Caloocan was axed today in view of the Kian/Carl/Reynaldo killings, and the illegal raids they have conducted according to PNP spokesperson and director Albayalde (yesterday, a CCTV camera caught a PNP Caloocan squad in civilian clothes, accompanied by a child, breaking and entering and robbing a house).

    Albayalde said that the 1,000-strong police personnel would be asked to undergo re-training.

(since they are covered by civil service rules, they will probably just be scrambled around or transferred. The only true reform is swift justice against all those who had committed murders and robberies and all those who had conspired with the gunmen and robbers either by overt acts or by destroying evidence or by their silence.)

   (photo credits as stated in the archives)