2 hours ago 2nd dose vaxx A4 Vaccinees : “Tara, #selfie tayo — once-in-a-lifetime ito, this will never happen again…”, said my vaccinee-classmates, (now, that’s a prayer)

Two hours ago 10am Gymnasium-Basketball-Court of the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Human Kinetics


that we paid for

with our taxes

Maraming salamat sa U.P. Diliman administration and staff, U.P. System administration and staff, QC LGU, at mga nagtrabaho nang walang pansariling pakinabang o interes para sa mga bakuna


Honestly, wala pa rin akong maramdamang soreness o kahit ano, hmmmm…

Oi kahn feil da ppahvetti en heh vaybrahttow (“i can feel the poverty in her vibrato”) : A foreigner monitoring and annotating Filipino singers

Video produced by Sassagurl

Sassa: Nagpost ako sa Facebook na i’m not feeling well para magpapansín sa crush ko, tapos pinuntahan ako ng mga taga-City Hall, ngayon naka-quarantine na ako (I posted on Facebook that “i’m not feeling well” so my crush would notice me, but staffmembers from City Hall went to my house and now i’m quarantined.)

Three videos will pixelate in five seconds

(scroll down for illustration of “vibrato” in the 2nd and 3rd videos) …

in 5 …



2 …

A  vibrato happens when a singer makes his/her voice musically “tremble” – it sounds like it’s fluttering.

   Here’s a most recent sample,

Big vibrato :


Soft vibrato, as follows: