He wrote it. #NowPlaying Ebe Dancel “Bawat Daan” (“Every Road”, title translation with apologies). #OPM

On the road with a “millennial”

    Mark: May blue tooth ito, ano? (this has blue tooth, right?)
me (minding the road) : i don’t know.
Mark (taps screen, clicks buttons, turns dial, etc.) Aaayy, wala-kang-blue tooth-dito — that’s-so-sad
   me: (laughs) that’s-so-sad?  magpatugtog ka lang dyan kahit ano (that’s-so-sad? just play any music there)
Mark: ang gusto ko itong Spotify playlist ko (i want to play my Spotify playlist)
  me: Oh. Well, play it on your mobile
   Mark: eh di walang speakers (it won’t have speakers all around)
            ♣  ♣  ♣


Ebe Dancel

“Bawat Daan”

(“Every Road”, title translation with apologies). He wrote it




    Video credits as stated in the video, used here non-commercially for academic purposes

   Image by blog admin, from the road series archives

Class 2018 arrives #NowPlaying Saan man (Wherever) by Ysobel #OPM

Pls tap the “play arrow” to stream “Saan man” (“Wherever”) by Ysobel — this is a pretty well made song; it should have more airplays (if on mobile device, pls click “Listen in browser”)



Class 2018 arrives

Now playing

Saan man (Wherever) by Ysobel

the melody, lyrics, vocals, and arrangement are good — you can even hear poignant strains of a cello towards the end when it’s trying to say goodbye then says … here it is again: