J101 5th Wk #News #LiveTweets (breaking, original) (Deadline Feb16) Bonus: any Lakad- Gunita event

J101 Fifth Week News Live Tweets (should be breaking news, real time, first-hand, and original).

     The news event should be tweeted instantaneously (live) —  The deadline to embed them here is between now and Feb. 16, 2019 Saturday 11:59pm (you do not have to embed live here, just tweet live)

      Bonus for twice the points: Live tweets of any event of the Lakad-Gunita sa Lupang Hinirang festival of U.P. Diliman. This bonus will apply or can be used until the 7th Week Live Tweets post of March 2, 2019.

    (In all cases, the work must be original; any plagiarized work, i.e., work copied from another either verbatim or in substance, will be dealt with accordingly.)

     Advance non-commercialized Valentines!

(Photo provided by Pexels of the WordPress Free Stock Photo Library)