I guess you could call it the “Manolo effect.” I got to your site by way of Dean Bocobo’s. I suppose you could call it a ring of sorts

Dominique – November 22nd, 2006 at 3:15 pm e 

            from chattel (why is chattel here, she’s gone, i kinda like her better, she didn’t care)

    “…a ring of sorts”… you know what, i think  in criminal cases ringleader is used to refer to the boss of a criminal syndicate…that doesn’t seem nice J   i’ll be back i’m just preparing for something. SOCO would think the office is the scene of struggle, visitors couldn’t sit  there were papers strewn on the chairs and sofa, be back in a bit, thanks thanks.–from marichu (now it’s confused)

3 thoughts on “ring

  1. MCL–I think you need to tell us about RATIO DECIDENDI today. (I frankly am not even curious about the other question to tell you the truth, it’s just that everybody is asking but the answer is bound to be immaterial and irrelevant to these questions anyway.)

  2. Can a Minute Resolution of the Supreme Court reverse a previous Decision by a single declarative sentence? Aside from the point you raised in your previous post on this, WHY do you think they put such a sentence in the Minute Resolution to deny PI with finality?

    That Ten of them feel so and so about Santiago vs. Comelec now–nine years later–and need to call attention to their individual opinions while constituted as an ad hoc division of the Court seems like a subtle subterfuge of stare decisis non quieta movere — or a golpe de gulat upon it.

    I suppose it would mean more if those Ten were all from the Court that decided Santiago v. Comelec.

    But what do you think of the theory that the Court is EMBARASSED by the criticism that the 1997 Decision calls 6735 “inadequate to enable PI” but does not strike it down as unconstitutional outright?

    Maybe they feel that Santiago v. Comelec in effect rules 6735 to be “insufficient in substance” to enable PI, which would be a judgment by the Court on the wisdom, or competence of the Congress.

    Now they just want to take the insult back? With a Minute resolution?


    MCL–Okay, I admit it, a long time ago I stumbled on a blog entitled “Confessions at 7pm” and without reading a word said to myself “Hmm, how much of this secret info do I want to find out about?” and clicked through…

    I guess it’s just the fact that I’ve never been anonymous on the World Wide Web, though that hasn’t helped me become much less obscure. But I’m proud of my old blog’s motto:”Original,nonanonymous writing from the boondocks of the Philippine Archipelago!”

    One thing I urge you to do though is visit the Blogger Home and merely observe that every second of the day, 24/7 for the last few years, a new blog is born about once every SECOND. So the sheer number of them is staggering. And concepts of WHO you are to most people, are different in that sphere than what we are used to in “the real world”.

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