image I have categories!!

In alphabetical order, the categories in this blog are:

(Artist not indicated. Lapulapu (I think) depicted in a stone relief, U.P.. You know what, I think this photographs better at sunrise than in the afternoon, the light would strike his right, our left; clearer face )

Armed conflict

(conflict between the government and MILF; between government and Abu Sayyaf (not that, that’s the same they’re not, but it’s in the category of “armed conflict”); between government and the NDF; coups d ‘ etat; and  between states.)

       (links to the categories appear as the  first widget to your right; right hand.)


crim.jpg (Napoleon Abueva, bas-relief, UP)

Criminal law

(any commentary where the blog used provisions of the Revised Penal Code and special criminal laws)


Juan Luna, Trial of Galileo, print published by the Vargas Museum

Rules of Court

(any commentary where the blog used the Rules of Court)



Slideshows. Music. Stills.

(I was going to name this “Entertainment” but changed my mind and made it medium-based na lang. duh.)



Students’ reviews

(work of students)


Photo, abs-cbn footage

The News Media

(this, as with the other categories, overlaps with the others. They’re comments on the media: content and use of the medium.)



The President [commentary on policies and decisions of the Office of the President, whoever its occupant is/ was; including acts or alleged acts of the President (present and past president) while in office)





I never intended to have categories, i thought i would write stream-of-consciousess. Or, i would write or not write depending on the day. After a year, I noticed that there were recurring themes.

Then I started with tags. Then, categories. As you can see, they overlap.

I’ve categorized only up to July. Happy weekend everyone!

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