Students’ critique of news content. (paintings, searched and posted by blog admin)


Kuniyoshi. Mitsukini Defying the Skeleton Spectre. (with watermark from website) circa 1845. Right-clicked from Searched thru


 Authored  by  Student No. 20. Unedited by blog admin      

        Quote “In an episode of TV Patrol World yesterday, the police patrol section aired news regarding the recovered corpses of two unidentified men found floating at the Pasig River. The said report contained footages (sic)  in which the corpses were censored  only with a “smoked glass” effect in which the rigor mortis of the bodies as well as their form and composition are still decernable (sic). The bodies (despite the censor) were also shown to have been tied (by the police) to the shore, with its “hardened” form cleary (sic) shown to be floating and moving due to the waves and ripples of the river.       

          Quote “The explicit video content of the report was too gruesome considering the timeslot of the news program (early evening). The KBP Television Code, which gives strong and repeated emphasis on avoiding the depiction of morbid, alarming and sensationalizing details (sic), was clearly violated. The scene was not necessary and clearly not called for to develope (sic) the story and the attempt to censor  the scene failed to help. A scnene (sic) in which the two bodies would be carried while inside body bags would be a better form of censorship to save the audience, especially children, from being tormented by the images.” Closed-quote.Dec 7, 8:06 PM —  


       Authored by PAGLINAWAN, ADRIEL M.. Unedited by  blog admin |SINGLE-SOURCED NEWS:       

          Quote ““MMDA halts all diggings”, an article which was published in the Dec. 5 Manila Bulletin issue, is a single-sourced news story. The article, written by Chito A. Chavez, consists of direct quotations and paraphrased statements that solely came from MMDA chief Bayani Fernando. The reporter didn’t bother to include other sources such as local government officials, commuters and motorists that will be affected by the said postponement.   

             Quote “The news story, which is about the postponement of various MMDA road projects to ease the Yuletide season heavy traffic, violates the provision in the Philippine Journalist’s Code of Ethics which states that: “It is the duty of the writer to report the other side and to scrupulously report and interpret the news, taking care not to suppress essential facts nor to distort the truth by omission or improper emphasis.” In addition, single-sourced news (sic), like the said article, is (sic) considered press releases  and are unacceptable in journalism.” Closed-quote.
Dec 11, 6:48 PM — 


         Authored by Paglinawan, Adriel M.. Unedited by blog admin       Quote “Good Journalism Practice:  carlosfrancisco.jpg 

Carlos Francisco. Progress through Education. 1964. Oil on canvas. Fukuoka Art Museum. Right-clicked at Searched thru

       Quote “A three-part-commentary, written by former education secretary Juan Miguel Luz was published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Nov. 26 to Nov. 28, 2007. The article, which tackles the dilemmas facing the Philippine educational system, is an example of a good, fair and accurate story.      

         Quote “Luz, head of the International Institute for Rural Construction, didn’t violate any ethical provisions stated in the Philippine Journalist’s Code of Ethics. Furthermore, he scrupulously reported and interpreted the news by being multi-sourced and by providing in-depth research which gave the readers helpful information about the said topic. The former cabinet member also bared the truth about the current state of Filipino education by giving the proper emphasis and by putting all the essential facts in his article. Lastly, he exerted effort to ensure that his commentary is fair, accurate and balanced.” Closed-quote. Dec 18, 9:11 PM —  


       Authored by virgil lopez. Unedited by blog admin      

      Quote “ Student  no. 10 (cool), j192 2nd post      


Hou Yimin (b. 1930). Liu Shaoqi and tne Anyan Coal Miners. 1961 (1979 version; original destroyed ca. 1968) oil on canvas; 162 x 333 cm. Museum of the Chinese Revolution, Beijing. Right-clicked from Searched thru

          Quote “Henry Omaga Diaz’s report in Bandila (ABS-CBN, December 18, 2007) was a really good one. The report was on the possible congressional inquiry suggested by Rep. Rex Gatchalian that will look on the alleged overcharged membership fees by OWWA. The report was complete and balanced. It was able to present all sides of the story like airing the views of the opposite sides (some OFWs and Migrante Int’l, Rep. Gatchalian, OWWA and even Vice Pres. De Castro who supported the idea of congressional inquiry).   

         Quote “I liked the report and it surely passed the tenets of balanced reporting.Good job for Bandila!” closed-quote. Dec 20, 4:37 PM —


3 thoughts on “Students’ critique of news content. (paintings, searched and posted by blog admin)

  1. Erap never imagined that the Chief Justice Davide would abort the impeachment trial in which the verdict was already known on 16 January 2001: NOT GUILTY. That is why he overconfidently let the demonstrations gather force. But no one could’ve foreseen the breathtaking act of Davide, to take a Bible and smash the tablets of the Constitution with it. The amazing thing is that some still don’t.

  2. Student no. 4, J192 MWX, first post: SINGLE SOURCE

    On January 14, The Philippine Star published an article entitled, “Free Wi-Fi access in the Metro” by Eden Estopace. The article gave a comprehensive coverage on free wi-fi internet access, however, it was single-sourced. The reporter only included direct quotations and paraphrased statements from Liza delos Reyes, WiGO’s chief operating office, the company that is providing the free internet access.

    Though the report explained thoroughly about how the free wi-fi access would be beneficial to Flilipinos, the Philippine Journalist’s Code of Ethics says that, “It is the duty of the writer to report the other side and to scrupulously report and interpret the news, taking care not to suppress essential facts nor to distort the truth by omission or improper emphasis.” In this report, the writer only had one source for the news, and worse, the bias of the story is with the source. The article served as a press release for the company that offers this free wi-fi service.


    Student no. 4, J192 MWX, second post: GOOD REPORTING

    On January 22, The Philippine Star published an article entitled, “Self-rated poverty down in 4th quarter” written by Helen Flores. News articles that include survey could be misleading, as they include certain jargons not easily understandable by the readers, or the surveys aren’t explained thoroughly as to where it was conducted and in what manner was the survey done.

    However, in this report, the figures were presented in a very clear manner, explaining in detail what the numbers meant. The article also included the manner in which the survey was made and how the report is as accurate as it could get. According to the Philippine Press Institute’s Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct, “in the use of scientific polls, the sample size and the margin of error should be disclosed”. And this was done so by the writer, towards the end of the article to give the readers a background.

    This article exemplified good reporting.

  3. posted by student #19, 3rd post for J192

    Quote “Last February 24,2008 at around 9:00 p.m., Q-TV aired a crawlers telling audiences to wait for upcoming ‘news’ developments on Jennylyn Mercado, Lolit Solis and other actresses. There were no specific details on what kind of developments or stories audiences were to wait for.
    “This goes against the provision in KBP code of ethics which states that the generation of electronic or manual crawlers shall not be used for any other purpose except for news bulletins, last minute changes in the program and important advisories.” end of quote

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