UPDATED. Ethics Midterm Monitor (Dear Mr. #MarkZuckerberg Dear Mr. #EvanClarkWilliams Dear Mr. #JackDorsey Dear Mr. #SundarPichai -from #universityofthephilippines students)Oct. 16 at 11:59pm

    UPDATE (Correction)  : The deadline is Wednesday as usual (as practised) -- Wednesday is Oct. 16, not 14. Apologies. Ethics Midterm Monitor (Dear Mr. Mark Zuckerberg / Dear Mr. Evan Clark Williams/ Dear Mr. Jack Dorsey/ Dear Mr. Sundar Pichai - from University of the Philippines students) Oct. 14 at 11:59pm       [...]

Ethics 4th Media Monitor (Social Media 4). “Real-world harm”; Regulated goods. Both due Sept. 25 midnight

Ethics 4th Media Monitor (Social Media 4). Preventing “real-world harm”; restricting regulated goods promo. Bonus. Both due Sept. 25 midnight The 4th Media Monitor (Social Media 4) can be posted here as follows:      REGULAR POST, choose one of two:      ONE: Illustrate the standard that prohibits content which encourages participation in high-risk [...]