14th & last Media Monitor with new, additional bonus topics

The 14th and last Media Monitor (either regular or bonus) can be posted here with the following new, additional bonus topics — choose one from these or from the earlier lists, without repeating any bonus topic that you have already written about; or post one regular media monitor post (only one media monitor post will be given points).

    New, additional bonus topics: 

   Any media content on today’s decision on the quo warranto proceeding to oust the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court;

  Any media content on the TRAIN law;

 Any media content on the SWS survey showing a 12-point-fall in net satisfaction rating of Duterte.

  The deadline is on the usual Wednesday 5pm. The fourth and last exams will push thru as scheduled. Please be prompt.

   It has been a most eventful semester.

      Thank you for  insight inside the classroom and in the media monitor pages — and your indomitable spirit outside the walls of the University.