10th Media Monitor here (deadline extended to Friday up tp 5pm Apr20

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     The 10th Media Monitor can now be posted here with deadline extended to Friday up to 5pm of that day April 20, 2018. (Late posts, as stated before, will be considered submitted for the next media monitor and are a forfeit for the current one — to be fair to class members who meet deadlines and are diligent).

    A regular or a bonus post may be submitted but not both. Only one media monitor post per week will be credited.

     No repetition of  bonus topics will be allowed (the second “repeated” bonus topic will be credited as a regular and not a bonus post).l 

    The following is an additional bonus topic/title, and it is not a review of media content but a critical analysis on your part of Facebook-Rappler-VeraFiles team-up to fact-check content on Facebook. In particular, please evaluate the process by which the factchecking will be done, as reported in Rappler, as follows:

      “Rappler and Vera Files will review flagged stories. These will be placed lower in the News Feed and will be less visible.” (from Facebook partners with Rappler, Vera Files for fact-checking program”, Apr. 12, 2018, at
https://www.rappler.com/technology/social-media/200060-facebook-partnership-fact-checking-program  )

(my notes: The fact-checkers will determine “falsehood” and will most probably rank the stories based on determination of “falsehood”: Those with a low ranking will be less visible in the News Feed of “friends and followers”).
FIRST GUIDE QUESTION FOR YOUR COMMENTARY: Do you see any problem with your post not appearing in the News Feed of your friends and followers based on being ranked as low in terms of “truthfulness” and “falsehood”? Explain using the theories of the press.
      The process is further described as follows: “People who will try share a fake story will receive a notification that the post has been determined by the fact checker to be false.
“For pages that frequently share false stories, their post distribution will be reduced and their ability to monetize and advertise will likely be removed.” (Ibid)
SECOND GUIDE QUESTION FOR YOUR COMMENTARY: Using the many layers and standards of the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics (under “Seek the truth and Report it”, which includes accuracy, context, avoiding oversimplification, identifying sources, striving for balance and fairness, etc.) do you see any tricky issues in simply determining “falsehood”, or determining that a post is false? Explain using examples.

     Now is the time to show your critical discourse savvy in your commentary, for bonus points. 

      Happy discoursing!


9th Media Monitor (either regular or bonus)here. Add bonus topics: FB as purveyor of fake news/ FB privacy breach; a movie review

The 9th Media Monitor, either regular or  bonus, can be posted here, with deadline on Wednesday 5pm.

    The  following are additional bonus topics that any class member can choose from in addition to the list of bonus topics already given, provided that no bonus theme or topic can be repeated; a “repeated” bonus theme/topic (the second “repeated”) will be considered a regular media monitor  and not a bonus:

   Additional bonus topics:

    Bonus media monitor of any news, feature, explanatory, investigative, analysis, opinion-editorial of Facebook as primary purveyor of fake news (from mid-2017 to the current period), or of the privacy breach in a massive scale (87 million FB accounts) committed by Facebook (from the current period of the last two months).

   Bonus media monitor: Your own movie review of any film you have seen in the last 30 days. The review should be original, the “reviewer” should have personally viewed the movie. In connection with the class topics, pls focus on the correctness or the appropriateness of the rating, using the content and based on the standards and illustration/examples discussed in class.

In reply to sprtan17:
if this (what you embedded under the congressional hearing post) is a media monitor, kindly embed it in the media monitor post the link for which had been given to all class members, in addition to being visible to all in giant font on the first page. This will not be recorded under the media monitor post. Second, if the ratings as discussed in class two weeks ago (as indicated in the instructions) is not applied, the score is zero. If this is a bonus media monitor on movie review (which requires a discussion of the ratings as discussed in class), the score is ZERO for the reasons stated here (not based on ratings as discussed in class two weeks ago, as stated in the instructions).

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8th Media Monitor here (regular or bonus) #UniversityofthePhilippines #UPDiliman

if on mobile device: Optionally, pls click “Listen in browser” on the soundcloud pod below  … (it took a sharp on the last note, vocalist overshot a little)



    The 8th Media Monitor can be posted here (either regular or bonus), with deadline on Wednesday at 5pm March 21, 2018. There will be no media monitor next week in observance of the Holy Week after that Friday.

     Advance solemn Lent everyone.