Finishing up sumthin’, can’t blog. Here’s something to while your time away, not posted here before. A friend said “Law is not math.” Well, you better know how to subtract when determining jailtime and aftermath

The penalty for online libel under the cybercrime law is “one degree higher” than that provided in the Revised Penal Code, or one degree higher than prision correccional medium. Prision correccional medium is four years and two months. So… in determining that penalty,  when i jump it to a degree higher, i just use the number of years within the range of prision correccional medium starting from the minimum of six months and one day; so i compute it at seven years and ten months MAXIMUM ( i don’t start from zero but from six months and one day then jump it forward using the range that follows). The DOJ though , which drafted the IRRs, computes it at EIGHT YEARS maximum.

      Can’t blog – finishin’ sumthin’.

       Not posted here before: June 17, 2020

           haggard, sleep-deprived sea hag (apologies,  too,  didn’t feel like smiling during the  ABS-CBN shutdown proceedings  at that time, sorry powz, and during the promulgation of the libel case against Maria Ressa, paumanhin sa aking itsura) This is GMA News 7, “Stand for Truth” (credits as stated)

Razor-sharp Journalists Johnson Manabat & Jeff Canoy quiz me on when factchecking is necessary: At sunrise this morning on ABS-CBN Teleradyo Sakto 6:30am

Razor-sharp Journalists Johnson Manabat and Jeff Canoy quiz me on when factchecking is necessary: At sunrise this morning on ABS-CBN Teleradyo Sakto 6:30am

     (Credits: As stated in the embedded materials. Interview questions by the ABS-CBN News Team, camera-framing (medium shot) by ABS-CBN producers)

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Wait — ngayon ko lang napansin na pareho kaming kulay ng suot ng news anchor (it’s only now that I noticed that i’m wearing the same color as what the news anchor is wearing). Hindi po kami nag-usap (it’s just a happy coincidence). i wear pastel colors and neutrals for interviews in the pastel room (i used to wear all-pastel green or mint green to match the room but after several interviews, i ran out of pastel greens so now it’s any pastel or neutral tone. Other than that,  in any other location, for television, you would sometimes be advised to wear bright, solid colors.)

    Other visual elements for your entertainment for this relevant topic (i hope the discussion was substantive enough and at the same time easy to watch) : i have given up on fixing my hair (100% risk-free hair salons do not exist); this is sleeping with wet hair, no blow-dry, no-comb-just-scrunch-with-hair-product-and-let-it-tumble-like-tiny-serpents look . i’m wearing Myra’s pearl bracelet 😊 The most important thing is the substance, which requires preparation, then you just make sure it is easy to understand and easy to watch. Happy viewing!