Ethics 3rd Media Monitor (Social Media 3) : Regular or Bonus post

Ethics 3rd Media Monitor (Social Media 3) : Regular or Bonus post

       The 3rd media monitor post, either regular or bonus (either/or : only one will be credited) can be posted here with deadline extended to Thursday Feb. 27, 2020 at 4pm.

    REGULAR MEDIA MONITOR: The regular media monitor is a review of a social media post (time frame Oct. 2019-Feb. 2020) that violates the following standard: Language, images, expression that foment prejudices or organized hate against certain groups and minorities by reason of gender, race, creed, beliefs, religion, physical appearance, etc. (are not allowed).
If the user/ author is a private individual (not a public official or not a public figure) : DO NOT POST THE URL / LINK. DO NOT POST REAL NAMES. Indicate the date, the nationality/country, and the number of friends or followers but conceal the url, conceal all real names in the content and the url and and state “url redacted”; “name redacted” for each concealed real name.

The BONUS POST: In view of the OSG motion for a gag order to prohibit discussion on the franchise of ABS-CBN by ABS-CBN and all “persons speaking on their behalf” (“on behalf” means in favor of): The bonus post is: Using social media standards (FB community standards, Twitter Rules, Instagram community guidelines, etc.), an evaluation on whether or not a specific social media post should be banned of a user/person/party who posted/ tweeted/ wrote/ published in favor of any of the rights involved in the ABS-CBN franchise. (if the user is a private individual, i.e., not a public figure, please redact the url and all real names). (time frame: starting from the date of the quo warranto petition, Feb. 10, 2020.)

     Advance Happy Anniversary of the EDSA people’s uprising!