Sec.FWX Ethics Media Monitor 4th #UPDiliman #universityofthephilippines

     As part of the course on Ethics, class members are expected to monitor media coverage during pivotal moments such as the tropical cyclone/typhoon Ompong and the landslides, flooding, and other incidents which occurred during the weekend (and not just to spend countless hours in video gaming and/or inane FB/Twitter chattering — awat na kapag sampung oras)
These may be also used for extra points for the bonus topic of disaster-reporting (see earlier instructions).

The Section FWX 4th Media Monitor can be posted here with the usual deadline on Thursday at 5pm (Sept. 20).

    A class member may post either a regular or a bonus post: for the bonus post, as stated several times before: Any of the 12 bonus topics provided earlier may be used (once only).

    Class members who attend the Thursday Sept. 20 multimedia presentation of media issues during martial law at 1pm or 2pm may credit this under the bonus topic of review of advocacy content and medium (see instructions in the email).

    An unforgettable commemorative week of media issues this week!

(photo from the files of John Tewell, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)