2nd Media Monitor or 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/4th Bonus

The Second Media Monitor can be posted here — either one regular media monitor or one bonus, which can be any of the bonuses not yet posted by the class member (the 1st or 2nd bonus opened last week or the 3rd or 4th bonus both of which are being opened today) but not more than one post per week. Deadline: Tuesday.

     Date of the first exam is: as scheduled in the syllabus.

     The 3rd bonus is on disaster-reporting.

     The 4th Bonus is on news coverage of,  or feature stories or news documentaries or news commentaries on the martial law anniversary running up to the September 21 commemoration or protests, and related events.

    On the 3rd Bonus: Class members who choose this are advised to do some advance reading: Pls read the assigned articles on this topic as stated in the syllabus,  plus the NY Times article on TV storm reporting (Sept. 10, 2017). But use your own media monitor: Do not copy-paste the media monitor of New York Times. Pls use the principles discussed in the assigned articles, plus your own insights on disaster-reporting, in the media monitor commentaries. Or you can monitor the ongoing disaster-reporting by news organizations and save them for later (all disaster-reporting between last week’s coverage and  the last week before final exams can be included).

     As stated before, a regular media monitor or any of the bonuses may be posted (the bonuses submitted need not be in the order they are given: But please use the tag assigned to each bonus). 

     Happy viewing!