11th Media Monitor here (regular or bonus) w additional new bonus topic: Advertisements

if on mobile device, optionally, you may click “Listen on browser” on the soundcloud pod below to play this week’s OPM: Hale, “Blue Sky”…



The 11th Media Monitor can now be posted here (either regular or any of the bonus topics), provided only one post per week will be credited for the week; a late post will be recorded under the next week’s score sheet and will not be counted for the current week (if late); provided further that a bonus topic can be discussed only once by a class member and any “repeated” bonus topic will be credited as a regular and not a bonus post.

    The deadline for this week is extended to Thursday April 26 at 5pm.

    The additional new bonus topic is: An original review of a current advertisement of any consumer product, or of a public service announcement, or of a publicity material including outdoor media; the subject or material should be current or being shown/exhibited right now.

     Stay hydrated and ventilated, and wear light, soft clothing everyone!