U.S. security sit. : To avoid a situation on Wednesday 12:00 noon: Legal advice to the crew of Air Force One (which Trump would be boarding this Wednesday morning)

      As everyone knows, the U.S. President’s term automatically expires this Wednesday at 12:00 noon by operation of law whether or not the oathtaking is finished or not. (If, God forbid, the oathtaking is not finished, it lapses into a temporary vacuum … well, not a vacuum but  a succession line; there is no holdover po.).
       Unprecedentedly, instead of allowing the jet to be on standby for any emergency for the would-be new President on Wednesday, Trump is going to use it to fly to Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida.
        Here is the legal advice to the U.S. AF pilot and crew on Air Force One:
        1.Make sure  not  to deviate from the flight plan.
       2.Any instructions from Trump to deviate from the flight plan or to cause you to be still airborne at 12:00 noon Wednesday should  not  be followed. (Just politely say it would  result in a situation that would not be tenable and that would be contrary to law)
       3.It would be easier to escort Trump off the jet on or before 12:00 noon Wednesday if  it  is  already on the ground.
       4.You would find that it is useful and beneficial for everyone concerned for the jet   not  to be airborne at 12:00 noon Wednesday as  it  is inconvenient  to  strap  Trump with  a  parachute.
       See video below for instructions: