Emergency Powers Act 2020 Bayanihan Act #Covid19PH #Covid19

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   Reply -email sent to a class member (for context, see previous two posts)  :

    Parang ibang draft / version yung hawak ng Senado, it’s to give more funds for use of the Chief Executive. If this is the version that is approved by the Senate and it is reconciled in bicam with what the electronic House (or committee) “electronically approved” (manner of approval of which can still be challenged), the specific one (Senate) which is narrow and the broad one (House) can only be reconciled by adopting the specific one which is the law which gives the President more funds. 

   Let me know if the Senate already has a quorum and i’ll give a legal opinion on the so-called Bayanihan Act from the Lower House (or committee) in regard to media entities  subject of your question. (you may email me again then). Maraming salamat 🙂