Presentation: “The Revengers: The Meteoric Rise in Numbers of Online Libel Complaints” (the Ramon Cojuangco Professorial Chair Presentation) Nov. 23


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You are invited to 

The Ramon Cojuangco Professorial Chair Presentation

on the status of the prosecution of online libel cases:

“The Revengers:
The Meteoric Rise in Numbers
of Online Libel Complaints
in the Era of the
Cybercrime Prevention Act
RA 10175″
Marichu C. Lambino
November 23, 2017, Thursday, at 4:00 pm at the Phil Star 2 (Big Room), 2/F Plaridel Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City,

Metro Manila.


Malacañang photo: LOOK: Duterte’s watch shows it’s doubtful he beat the 10pm deadline to submit martial law report to “the Congress”

Even as it is doubtful that the constitutional requirement has been met that the President, within 48 hours of martial law declaration, submit the martial law report “in person or in writing to the Congress” (SP Koko Pimentel and Speaker Bebot Alvarez attending the Cabinet meeting is not “the Congress” within the contemplation of the provision) , this official Malacañang photo documenting the President signing  said report shows the President’s wristwatch, and the time in his wristwatch:

    At the very least, it shows this group trifled with the requirements of the Constitution. 

(image of the group picture, from Malacañang as tweeted by rapplerdotcom, after tweeting the earthquake of 10:27pm).

image below, the same photo magnified by blog admin then rotated to show the orientation of the wristwatch: Did the President  beat the constitutional deadline? (i’m sorry but i’m disputing even the supposed  time that it was signed and submitted: People should not trifle with the Constitution)