Razor-sharp Journalists Johnson Manabat & Jeff Canoy quiz me on when factchecking is necessary: At sunrise this morning on ABS-CBN Teleradyo Sakto 6:30am

Razor-sharp Journalists Johnson Manabat and Jeff Canoy quiz me on when factchecking is necessary: At sunrise this morning on ABS-CBN Teleradyo Sakto 6:30am

     (Credits: As stated in the embedded materials. Interview questions by the ABS-CBN News Team, camera-framing (medium shot) by ABS-CBN producers)

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Wait — ngayon ko lang napansin na pareho kaming kulay ng suot ng news anchor (it’s only now that I noticed that i’m wearing the same color as what the news anchor is wearing). Hindi po kami nag-usap (it’s just a happy coincidence). i wear pastel colors and neutrals for interviews in the pastel room (i used to wear all-pastel green or mint green to match the room but after several interviews, i ran out of pastel greens so now it’s any pastel or neutral tone. Other than that,  in any other location, for television, you would sometimes be advised to wear bright, solid colors.)

    Other visual elements for your entertainment for this relevant topic (i hope the discussion was substantive enough and at the same time easy to watch) : i have given up on fixing my hair (100% risk-free hair salons do not exist); this is sleeping with wet hair, no blow-dry, no-comb-just-scrunch-with-hair-product-and-let-it-tumble-like-tiny-serpents look . i’m wearing Myra’s pearl bracelet 😊 The most important thing is the substance, which requires preparation, then you just make sure it is easy to understand and easy to watch. Happy viewing!

Miuszeecka: Filipino comedians like to mock a contestant’s physical appearance

This is a student’s review of one segment of the show “It’s Showtime”. It’s unedited.

Written by Miuszeecka  “It’s Showtime

“Entertainment’s problematic trend – It might not be the segment, or the show, but most of the time – the hosts.

“The link for the noon-time variety program; It’s Showtime, December 16, 2013 – episode is not yet up on the internet, but let me narrate what I saw yesterday afternoon. It was in Sine Mo ‘To segment, where in a story is being performed live, following a theme of the week,  where there is an audience participation and they are given prizes or talent fees after the segment. Since we’re in the middle of December, their story I think is somewhat related to Christmas. I did not pay too much attention because I personally did not like this segment ever. Of course since the hosts are required to pick people from the audience to perform, it is the best time to scout for the person they could play with – or make fun of, especially for the comedian-host Vice Ganda. Jokes have always been and will always be about making fun of something, or worse – someone: which I do not agree of, but it’s a trend – so be it. This afternoon, the hosts gathered senior citizens as “artista” for the skit. They collected enough number of participants, but suddenly followed another lolo, who looks really weak, and is almost bald because of his age. Everyone was laughing as they performed then a line from Vice Ganda captured me, I can’t remember how it was said but he compared the last lolo, to a buko (offensively delivered) and made an enigmatic reaction to the old man. It was clear and understood that the comparison came out because of his physical appearance. There are provisions in the KBP Code of Ethics which are endeared to be violated, but when it comes to comedy, noon-time, and variety shows, article 22: Discrimination that leads to embarrassment of these people is the apple of the eye of the comedians. Well, this is not the first time – even Ms. Jessica Sojo has been victimized, and if we are going back to the previous election period, how pitiful was Sen. Nancy Binay – on TV and online?

“Moving on, noon-time slot is essential on TV because the programs are actually the desert of most televiewers. One scene from It’s Showtime’s episode yesterday was when Jhong Hilario was tasked to embrace Vice Ganda and kiss him. So Jhong kissed Vice in his ear that seemed to have a tickling sensation to the comedian plus his gross reaction to it – it was not funny, it was “mahalay” considering the variety of the viewers: live and on TV. Fortunately the hosts told them to stop and tone it down a little. Also there’s this subject they repetitively made fun of – “Bakit matigas?” which was a green joke that was understood by most of the people. It is clear on article 25 section 3 that it is prohibited to depict sexual acts . Also, section 5 say; double meaning words are prohibited even if understood by a segment of the audience.

“I believe that our comedians can do better. I hope the day will come when the viewers will appreciate intelligent jokes and the host will no longer be known to embarrass, or deliver sexual acts to make people laugh. The networks which hone the talents of these artists might as well make them sit and lecture them about their limits.  “