What to do when people are late (tips on dealing with latecomers)

When i’m emceeing a forum, i’ll start when the speakers are there, i’ll just give an allowance of 15 minutes, tops, for lateness of members of the audience; then i’ll ask the speakers and organizers if they don’t mind if we start. When i’m presiding meetings, i make sure it starts on time, or with an allowance of 15 minutes, tops.

Photo by Jan Lester Z. Lambino
Photo by Jan Lester Z. Lambino

If there’s no quorum but there are already people there, i start on time and discuss and let the people who are there raise their points, without action of approval or disapproval yet. Then, when the others arrive, and there’s a quorum, summarize and start approving. If the latecomers say, “repeat the discussion, we weren’t here” i will glare at them…(actually, i don’t; i don’t have a Tito-Guingona-glare and it’s the only kind that matters)… i’ll give the latecomer who wants everything repeated, a stare. Usually, what the latecomers do is, they will raise the same points that have been raised before they came in; you’re actually letting the latecomers control your life when you let them do this; so, you say sweetly: “Kasi late ka (because you’re late) it’s in the matters-for-information, so-and- so said…. etc., …and the answer to the question is…..” and then, summarize. Sometimes, i ask someone else who had been taking down notes, “pakisagot yung tanong…” (“ kindly answer his question.”), and that person will read from his/her notes, matters for information, (or you can say, just this portion only; pointing to the notes); so the latecomer will realize, oh, i was very late. You can conduct a meeting, make it a “matters-for-information” discussion, because you’ll need a quorum for approvals/ disapprovals.

When i’m hosting and the speakers are there, i will start regardless of how many people are there.

When i’m delivering a lecture, i will start even if there are only five people. I’ve done that before; storm and strong winds but weather bureau didn’t say anything;I delivered a lecture before two persons. (The two thought the situation was funny). Then it was done. I didn’t cancel. I didn’t repeat the lecture for the others. I don’t let absentees and latecomers control, they’ll have to catch up with those who do their work.

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