Like rubber burning


Photo from Nestle website used here for non-commercial academic purposes

From a health expert “dried cranberries coated with nestle milk chocolate… it’s 30% less fat than leading chocolate brands… with 100% chocolate covered cranberries… 1/4 cup is equivalent to 1/2 serving of real fruit… new from Nestle.”

But just between the two of us, chocolate-covered cranberries is still in the category of sweets and candies, anyway…. I’ve also heard other health experts say that if you cannot help yourself and you just have to eat sweets and candies , you opt for the above , raisins or cranberries covered with chocolate because they’re largely made of fruit. That is, if you cannot help yourself and have to have it. the operative clause is “if you cannot help it…” or, for example, if you’re in an airport and the only choices from the vending machine are sweets and candies. But…. just between the two of us…. you should avoid sweets and candies. Because…. sweets and candies are still in the category of junk food –- go for the real, fresh fruits instead.

preach, preach. i’m one to preach, i downed 3 regular Cokes-in-can yesterday. But that’s because I was writing for work. Writing-for-work is not like leisurely writing for your blog.

For this blog, the writing sometimes rambles on , or the blog admin writes thinking she has some kind of license with the language. Writing-for-work requires constructs; geez, you even have to balance the rhetoric; and for that, it’s Coke, or sweet pies…Bad. (those sweets you sometimes see in this blog…remember those photos? they’re photogenic, too, they sometimes come out here but they’re not healthy.). I eat sweets too but i know why and I can explain it — yesterday’s was spread over a period of 20 hours straight, really long time. And i surely burned the calories and the sugar. Rationalization , rationalization. The trouble with preaching is not practising the ideal and being able to rationalize, and the trouble with those who rationalize is that they believe their own rationalizations. But it’s true! i burned down the calories like tires screeching on cement on a hot, scorching day…

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