ode to the snake-charmer

“She was doing the Cobra thing.   She was like…(makes movements)… copying the snake. And it was like…  right here, and she was like…”

 “You did not watch closely enough, Shao Dre… It was the snake that was copying the woman.”

“What? I don’t get it.”

“Look.” (points at pool of drinking water) What do you see?”

  “Me, well my reflection.”

“Yes. (whirls water). Now, what do you see?”

“It’s blurry.”


“That woman was like still water. Quiet and calm. In here (puts hand on the head) and in here (puts hand on the heart) .

“So, the snake reflects her action like still water. Like a mirror?”


“So, she controlled the snake by doing nothing?”

“Being still and doing nothing…  are two very different things.

“She used her Chi on that snake, didn’t she?”

  “Very good.”

“You gotta teach me that.  How to control people.”

“There is only one person you need to learn how to control.”


“Empty your mind…”

                                  –  Quote, teacher to student, from                                               “The Karate Kid (2010)”


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