Support for U.P. student Lordei Hina, subject of criminal violence on-campus (puncture wounds in the head that paralyzed her for two months)

Support for U.P. student Lordei Hina, subject of criminal violence on-campus (puncture wounds in the head that paralyzed her for two months)

photo from Krissy Conti’s email, filtered by blog admin

“From: Krissy Conti <>

“Date: Thu, May 3, 2012 at 7:23 AM

“Subject: Request for support as Lordei Hina leaves Capitol Med

“To: Chancellor Caesar Saloma; U.P. Pres. Fred Pascual (email addresses removed by blog admin)

“Dear UP system and UP Diliman administrators,

       “After almost three months in the Capitol Medical Center, 10 days of which in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman student Lordei Camille Anjuli G. Hina, 20, may now be released anytime soon as advised by her team of doctors. According to them, it will be better for Lordei if the rehabilitational therapies and treatments be continued in a home-setting. The Task Force Lordei Hina is now on its best efforts to raise funds to pay her hospitalization and other related expenses. TF Lordei Hina is now appealing to everyone who can extend their kind support and assistance.

       “Lordei is a fourth year AB Political Science student from the University of the Philippines Diliman and a former Secretary-General of the Center for Nationalist Studies – UP Diliman (CNS-UP DIliman). She had been robbed and stabbed while on volunteer duties inside the Office of the University Student Council (USC) last 1 February 2012. The robbers pretended to be applicants of a booth on the recently concluded UP Fair Concert last February. These robbers grabbed the opportunity to steal from the USC Office and from Lordei when they had seen her working alone in the office. Two laptops had been stolen from the office but eventually been recovered among her other personal possessions. After the robbery, the culprits locked Lordei in the office leaving her bloodied with multiple puncture wounds in the head.

         “Her puncture wounds in the head might only had been pierced by a sharp, pointed object similar to an ice pick according to her official Medico-Legal Report. The wounds, some of which had broken and penetrated her skull; one, even, left a bone fragment inside her brain. These wounds had made her immobile for more than two months and caused her speech, comprehension skills, as well as her memory, impaired. One of the robbers had been apprehended by the guard-on-duty and is now under the custody of the Quezon City Police Department. Criminal cases against these robbers and frustrated killers are being filed to bring these men into justice, some of which are already at the desk of the Quezon City Public Prosecutor.

       “While her mother, Ms. Connie Hina, is hopeful that Lordei will finish her studies, concern on her schooling is secondary now; what’s more important for the time being  is to exploit whatever possible means to help Lordei heal and recover whatever had been damaged as  soon as possible. It is great news to everyone that fortunately, Lordei is now out of immediate danger and is slowly recovering.  She will continue to undergo several rehabilitational therapies (i.e. occupational, physical therapies, speech pathology) and continue medications at home until she fully recovers her cognitive, motor and speech functions.

        “However, her hospital release is pending until  financial obligations are settled. The hospital bills have already accumulated to more than a million pesos excluding professional fees of her team of physicians and other related expenses e.g. nursing care service, patient’s hygiene costs, etc.

        “The family and Task Force Lordei Hina are working its best to raise the needed funds for her to be released as soon as possible.  In this light, Lordei’s family, friends and the Task Force Lordei Hina are appealing to all generous people who will be reached by this message to extend whatever support they can share. Any amount of financial and material assistance will most-sincerely be appreciated and will greatly help Lordei in this long and arduous journey towards healing and recovery.

         “What happened to Lordei is now a unifying factor, not only for the University as a community, but also for her family, friends and anyone who had once in their lives met Lordei and had shared memorable and fruitful experiences with her. This proved the inadequacy of the budget allocations for UP, and thus the correctness of the struggle that Lordei espoused. Let us help Lordei continue the struggle that has been ground to a halt because of the incident.

       “Thank you.

“Task Force Lordei Hina, (; 09179096433)

“Ms. Connie G. Hina, Mother (; 09178006816)

(Blog admin’s note: This email was routed by the Office of the Dean (UPCMC) in the faculty e-group to raise funds for Lordei Hina. In case you want to forward any checks, pls note that blog admin has not checked any of the stated cellphone numbers/ email addresses/ Savings Account Number and urges possible donors to coordinate with  the Office of the UPCMC Dean at Office Telephone Number 928-3188. Thank you. –blog admin)


“BDO – Paseo-Gil Puyat Branch

“G/F EBC Building

“Paseo de Roxas cor. Sen Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City

“Peso Savings Account: 2780 246 533

“Rolando B. Tolentino

“Professor, University of the Philippines Film Institute

“tel/fax:  (632)924 6863”


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