widgets & “likers”

my widgets are tucked in a page that opens by clicking the icon above that looks like three horizontal lines ≡

(widgets are parts or snippets of a site, such as the comments box,  categories, tags, archives, the “about”, etc.,  that open up when the corresponding embedded code or app rendered as readable “short links”/ or as readable words, are clicked).  

    And oh by the way, for the week’s photo challenge: happy  weekdays  to  Wordpress users and “likers” (pls click their avatars and public profiles in the previous post): elleturner4 in the United Kingdom;  septicalvar in India;  Rotten Ray in the United States;  Hamburg und Mee(h)r in Germany; Archita, U.S.; Bams Triwoko in Indonesia;  mrscarmichael in U.K. (also a c0mmenter); Ileana Partenie in Romania; 9step in Germany; NW Frame of Mind, U.S.; Nature on the Edge in South Africa; artandkitchen in Switzerland; Queenie in the U.K.; evilnymphstuff in Mauritius; shambolicliving in Australia; spannerr, U.K.; cynthiamc1, U.S.; R. , U.S.; Vladimir Brezina, U.S …  …


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