“Most of all, i want to sleep, like i slept when i was a child”

Can’t blog right now…Lines, quotes, characters.

    “The Blacklist”. (the blacklist contains names of and info about the world’s most murderous criminal-fugitives, corrupt politicians, spies, mobsters,  compiled by James Spader’s character,  a  criminal, formerly a Navy officer;  he releases the  info one criminal at a time,  in exchange not for immunity but for working with a junior FBI agent.)

     Here’s his monologue — he’s with a mortally wounded FBI agent. He has just transfused him with his own blood. They’ve both been hostaged and think they might not survive.

FBI agent, while bleeding…“What is it about, then? The Blacklist? … Revenge?   

     Criminal character:

       “Oh, revenge is too easy, and over so quickly…. I would hope for more than that…”

Injured FBI agent, while bleeding to death:

    “Then, why… go through all these…?”

Criminal character: “Oh, i think we will, now — (looks at the “window” of their cell)…. 

     (looks again at the FBI agent like he is about to tell a story, to distract him from his injuries; takes a breath)..…Have you ever sailed across an ocean, Donald… ?

     Bleeding FBI agent, softly: “No…”
Criminal character:

 “…. On a sailboat surrounded by sea…

        with no land in sight…  

      without even the possibility of sighting land for days to come? …

…To stand at the helm of your destiny…

   … I want that… one more time…

     ….I want to be in the Piaza Del Campo in Sienna, to feel the surge…(takes a breath)… as ten racehorses go thundering by….

    …(pauses and looks at empty space)… I want another meal in Paris… at L’Ambroisie in the Place des Vosges….

     … I want another bottle of wine… and then another.

      … I want the warmth of a woman in a cool set of sheets…

     (heaves a sigh)… One more night of  jazz at the vanguard….

      … (looks far-away and half-smiles)… I want to stand on summits and smoke Cubans…

     … (closes his eyes, half-smiling)…. and feel the sun on my face…. …. for as long as I can. (raises his face, eyes closed, like he’s feeling the cool of a breeze while standing on a hill)

  (opens his eyes)  … Walk on the Wall again. Climb the tower. Ride the river. Stare at the frescos….

    (looks at open space) … I want to sit in the garden and read one more good book….

    …. Most of all I want to sleep … like I slept when I was a boy. Give me that…. Just.. one time.”




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