#UPDiliman mass comm student now Agence France Presse cover girl/ poster girl for press freedom

Photo by Agence France Presse, posted in its twitter account 3 hours ago, used here non-commercially for academic purposes


    University of the Philippines Film student Revy Marata leads hundreds of students, campus editors, and professionals in a rally on Mendiola Bridge a few meters from Malacañang to protest the state harassment of news editors of Rappler and other news media organizations.

   (Here was the Agence France Presse caption: “A Filipino student stands up for press freedom at a street protest. Concerns over freedom of the press have risen in the Philippines as the government of President Rodrigo Duterte acts against a critical online news site.”

    (Normally, socialites and aspiring starlets splurge hundreds of thousands of pesos in cosmetic surgery and dermabrasion to be picture-perfect, and   spend millions of pesos more to ensure  publicity and land on the cover of magazines, to be guested in talk shows, featured in showbiz lifestyle channels — just look at the multi-million peso birthday bash of presidential granddaughter Isabelle Duterte (see previous post here the other day, scroll down)… )

     Revy shows the way 

 for young people like herself .

#PresidentDuterte #Du30 granddaughter Isabelle Duterte shows off her dance moves at her 5-star hotel bday party

if on mobile device, pls click “Listen in browser” on the soundcloud pod below for the theme… (then scroll down below for the birthday party video of President Duterte’s dancing princess)

President Duterte’s granddaughter, Isabelle Duterte, showed off her dance moves at her fab birthday party held at the grand ballroom of a plush five-star hotel in Manila, regaling guests with five costume changes of designer-outfits during the gourmet first-class five-course dinner (scroll down below for the presidential granddaughter’s dance video, wait a few seconds to pixelize; the soundcloud pod below can also play on mobile devices by clicking “Listen in browser”)



Video phone-shot by one of the guests, maconcepcion.doctor, embedded here from her public facebook account, used here non-commercially for academic purposes.