how to pronounce the Filipino word HagupÍt (the major “Category 3” to “Category 4” storm/ hurricane with the designated international name: Typhoon Hagupít, local name, Typhoon Ruby): This is a 10-second audio file, it plays automatically (sorry, couldn’t help it — wanted to correct the pronunciation since it is a Filipino word that has a peculiar pronunciation that jives with its meaning) … hagupít, a Filipino word which means to lash is pronounced in a “rapid” way — a short “a”,  a rapid and emphatic “g” and a strong stress on the last syllableHagupít. It’s pronounced with some kind of strength …  (can you hear it now, the soundcloud clip plays automatically)… like so…


(featured image from, used here non-commercially for educational purposes to show the correct pronunciation of the Filipino word hagupít)

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