Mt. Bulusan Alert: Kelangan pong umalis ngayon lahat ng nasa permanent danger zone ng #MtBulusan

Mt. Bulusan Alert: The PNP-Sorsogon provincial director said that the “no human actvity” policy in the permanent danger zone of Mt. Bulusan will be strictly enforced with the eruption of Mt. Bulusan last night. All residents, families, individuals within four kilometers of Mt. Bulusan are required to leave the area, or else, they will be forcibly removed from the danger zone.

     Kelangan na pong umalis ang lahat ng nasa permanent danger zone ng Mt. Bulusan dahil sa pagsabog nito kagabi. Ang mga hindi boluntaryong aalis ay sapilitan pong ililikas  ng PNP-Sorsogon para sa kanilang proteksyon. Hindi na pinapayagang pumasok ang sinumang tao sa permanent danger zone ng Mt. Bulusan. Makipag-coordinate po sa barangay officials para sa paglilikasan.

From gmanews online May 7, 2015 at 12:32am: ” Mount Bulusan, a volcano in Sorsogon province, ejected a plume or cloud of ash 820 feet into the sky on Tuesday, Bicol region civil defense authorities said in a post on their official Facebook account.

“A earthquake generated the ash explosion, the Office of Civil Defense in Legazpi City also said in their “eruption notification” time-stamped 9:46 p.m.

“The plume drifted westward, the OCD notice also said.”

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