Breaking: Floor tactics: House floorleader adjourned to thwart ouster of Speaker Alvarez at the cost of not ratifying BBL, no resolution to welcome the President for SONA

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Floor tactics:

From CNN Philippines: House floorleader adjourned to thwart the ouster of Speaker Alvarez, at the cost of not ratifying the Bangsa Moro Basic Law and the usual resolutions to welcome the President for  his State of the Nation Address.

    Earlier, it was reported by DZBB, GMA News, DZMM, ABS-CBN, and CNN Ph,  that their sources have confirmed that more than a majority of congressmen have signed a resolution installing Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as Speaker. At today’s declaration of the opening of Congress, after an unusually long speech from the incumbent Speaker, a suspension was called, which lasted longer than usual, at one hour, where meetings took place. 

   Upon the resumption of session, there was an abrupt adjournment, which means that the much-anticipated signing of the BBL (Bangsa Moro Basic Law) by the President today, which would have been the centerpiece of the State of the Nation Address of the President, would not push thru.