Establish the Identity of the Gunman

Before publicly concluding in a series of press conferences, media briefings, minute-to-minute interviews that the motive was “robbery”, that terrorism is ruled out (“rolled out” as ABS-CBN News Channel transcribed his sound bytes in graphics, based on pronunciation),  PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa should perhaps use good old-fashioned police work to establish the identity of the Resorts World Manila gunman.

      The acts and the identity/ profile / background would conclusively establish the motive — whether it is “robbery” with terrorism rolled out (ruled out).

       PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa simply brushes away these questions by saying that the gunman burned himself to a crisp so his identity could no longer be established.

    Hindi po. (No, Sir).

     Iniwan po nya ang kanyang kotse. (He left his vehicle).

     Iniwan po nya ang kanyang fingerprints.(He left his fingerprints). Photos show he was ungloved and knew how to handle his M4 assault rifle with his index finger outside the trigger frame.

     Iniwan po nya ang kanyang mukha sa mga screen grab ng photos. (He left an image of his face with the screen grab of his photos).

      At iniwan din po nya ang mga poker cash chips worth P113 million pesos, supposedly his robbery motive, na sana ay hwag mawala sa evidence room ng police. (And most of all, he left the poker cash chips worth P113 million pesos which supposedly was his robbery motive, which chips hopefully would not disappear in the evidence room of the police).

    You don’t need his literal I.D. (identification card). Get the vehicle that he parked in the basement. From the plates, trace the owner. It’s been ten hours since the attack. This has not been done by the staff of PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa.

    He left his fingerprints and images of his face. Check with the nearby hotels. Check with immigration authorities. Check with airport authorities. Check with embassies.  There’s no indication PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa is on his way to give instructions to have these done.

    Salamat po. (Thank you for your services). (however, cheesy police music will be played here until you do your job). thanks.

Abuses in the implementation of the unwritten/ unpublished declaration of martial  law may have started. DZMM of ABS-CBN has received reports of warrantless raids/ searches of houses of civilians/ residents of Marawi. Such warrantless searches can only be made incident to a lawful arrest or … in the enforcement of a valid arrest. In this particular case, for example, the law enforcement authority should have personal knowledge that the person they want arrested is inside the house and the occupants refuse to turn him/her in. (Do you trust the military operating presently in Mindanao as implementers of martial law?)

The Deans led by #UPDiliman Chancellor Michael Tan speak up to condemn the violence against indigenous & Moro people– guests of U.P. (Lagot mga pulis na lumapastangan sa kanila)

The Deans and University officials all led by #UPDiliman Chancellor Michael Tan speak up to condemn the violence against indigenous & Moro people– guests of U.P. (Lagot mga pulis na lumapastangan sa kanila — woe unto the policemen who violated our guests)

     The Deans and University officials strongly condemned the police “rampage” against the indigenous and Moro people and wondered aloud, quote “about the racist undertones of the MPD (police) action, the police acting with such brutality clearly because they wanted to protect the imperial US Embassy against the national minorities or, in a local term used condescendingly, “natives”. ” closed-quote. The Deans stressed: “Our police forces should become servers and protectors of the Filipino people, especially the most marginalized.”

Embedded below as a jpeg file is a copy of the official statement and open letter of the U.P. Deans and University officials led by the Chancellor to PNP Chief Ronald de la Rosa and to Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada:


 Point for Leila de Lima at the House inquisition, este, hearing… but it’s too subtle to be seen

    The star witness Jaybee Sebastian is either a drug lord being coddled by then DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima, and was required to raise her election campaign funds, according to the theory of the case of the  present government; or  a government asset being used by the then DOJ to break the back of the drug syndicate inside the National Bilibid (jail) Penitentiary, according to now Sen. Leila de Lima.

      The government’s case against Leila de Lima will rise and fall on the basis of which theory of the case could be proved.

     Is he a well-protected drug lord? Or a valuable and useful government asset?

     Do you see it?

     Then…. at about 7:45pm of the House hearing, the star witness revealed something the significance of which escaped many.

     He said he knew who the government agent was among the inmates, an inmate himself.

     Of all the witnesses and inmates who had testified, about a dozen or so, only he said this –– apparently only he knew who the government operative was: a deep penetration agent.

       When asked who this government agent was, he said “I don’t want to reveal his name because it would put his life in danger”.

    When pressured further to reveal the name, he stood his ground.

    That is the behavior and discipline of a government asset.

       His disavowal notwithstanding.

       Do you see it?

    (Of course, when the operators of this government read this, they will try to undo that, perhaps even burn said deep penetration agent by forcing the witness to reveal the identity to the congressmen in executive session. If that name is revealed, even in executive session, you might as well sign the government agent’s death warrant . That’s how serious the government is in breaking the back of the drug syndicate in NBP – they will burn the government’s own deep penetration agent just to burn Leila de Lima.)

       (To be fair, Leila de Lima herself burned her own government asset when she revealed the nature of his engagement, to save herself some embarrassment  by providing an explanation as to why she as then DOJ secretary would hold meetings with him in private: Now she lost him. )

      Not to worry, Leila :  He is still a government asset — not just yours anymore.

  …. (actually… I just wanted to play this James Bond song, I’m not saying anything important here, don’t mind me… The original:

       nobody does it like Carly Simon…)

#Du30 needs to effect lawful arrests asap—this is Davao, he was a city prosecutor, it’s right up his alley

     Some essential details first:

     The President does not declare lawlessness.

     He does not declare a state of lawlessness.

      He does not declare a state of lawless violence.

       This kind of sentence structure means he is imposing lawlessness, or that he is imposing a state of lawless violence, or that he is putting the entire country in state of lawless violence.

     Rather, the President declares the existence of a state of lawless violence for which he exercises his Commander-in-Chief power of calling out the armed forces to suppress such lawless violence.

    In essence, what he is declaring is his exercise of the Commander-in-Chief power of calling out the armed forces to suppress lawless violence.

           To call out the armed forces is to command the armed forces, to order the armed forces, to deploy the armed forces. Etc. Only the Commander-in-Chief is authorized to do these  (although he can delegate the operational details to his chief-of-staff.)

      In other words, he is declaring that he is ordering the armed forces to suppress lawless violence by, for example, intensifying the hot pursuit of the Abu Sayyaf, the setting up of lockdowns and checkpoints in certain areas, etc.

      Simply put: The President ordered increased military patrols and presence in the cities and crowded areas, etc.


     Legally, it is not necessary for the Commander-in-Chief to expressly declare: “I am declaring the existence of a state of lawless violence…etc.”.  He can simply deploy and order members of the armed forces to execute their mission.

      But since he had in mind a whole set of measures such as lockdowns, checkpoints, etc. , he needed to declare the constitutional framework for what he was doing. That framework is the Commander-in-Chief calling out power.

    In other words, he was putting military boots on city streets and  tiled floors so he needed to declare his constitutional framework. 

      Amid all these huffing and puffing, what is the status of the investigation?

The President needs to order the speedy and careful conduct of the investigation so that criminal complaints of murder with ignominy, 14 counts, could be filed right away –- this is Davao and he was the top city prosecutor so he knows what to do. The suspects will not reply in the preliminary investigation so the reglementary periods could be fast-tracked – so that warrants of arrest could be issued right away. But if warrantless arrests would be made, the “suspects” can only be detained without charges for 36 hours only – make it count.  THIS IS URGENT.


“Ph to go rogue internationally” “Ph to fight UN as rogue nation”


         The broadsheets missed a more accurate and contextualized headline for President Duterte’s graveyard shift venting during a  media briefing Sunday 1:00am: “Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. If you are that rude, son of a ♠∉∗ϖ∇, then we’ll just leave you”. -Duterte

     Philippines to go rogue, all Filipinos to wear a pompadour hairstyle — that’s how to write a headline : you missed it.

    The 1:00am media briefings are always exciting.

    Not to worry. An international investigation leading to criminal indictment internationally will probably take four years. What President Duterte should look into is the Rome Statute creating the International Criminal Court which the Philippines ratified in 2011.

        Can the UN rapporteur gather enough evidence to show extrajudicial killings in alarming numbers (like, hundreds or thousands…)? So as to be considered a “crime against humanity”…?

      Then it will be submitted to the UN General Assemby — pagbobotohan pa iyan (it will have to be voted upon by the UN General Assembly); hwag mo pansinin yan, matagal pa yan, ikaw pa.

      Then, the UN General Assembly can decide to refer it to the International Criminal Court — matagal pa iyanmarami ka namang friends, besties (best friends) kayo ng China, Russia, the UN Security Council almost always controls the voting in the UN General Assembly — o, hindi ka mai-indict. Kaya huwag ka umalis ng UN, mawalan ka ng besties sa Security Council.  

       (news anchors: read the Rome Statute, hwag maging corny):

       But i still like the sound of it:          

        Philippines — The Rogue Nation…

      and … cue music…

         jet plane, Tom Cruise… 




Oops! #PresidentDuterte issues ultimatum to “narco-judges” “narco-congressmen”: One is dead (8 years now), another never a congressman. #Oops

Oops! President Duterte issues ultimatum to “narco-judges” “narco-congressmen”: One is dead (8 years now), another never a congressman. Oops…

             In the news graveyard shift, after 12 midnight this day, during the wake of soldiers killed in battle, before their corpses and widows, with flores para los muertos literally as his backdrop, President Duterte recited a macabre list and issued an ultimatum to “narco-judges” to report to the Supreme Court within 24 hours or else face consequences. 


     (photo rightclicked from abscbn-news, used here non-commercially for academic purposes) 

       Except that…

       one of them will be receiving the ultimatum literally from the graveyard, and would have to be raised literally from the dead – having been interred eight years ago. 
         From the Inquirer:Samar judge tagged by Duterte as drug protector died 8 years ago xxx One of the alleged drug protectors named by President Rodrigo Duterte has long been dead. xxx Judge Roberto Navidad of Regional Trial Court 32 in Calbayog City, Samar was killed by a lone assailant on Jan. 15, 2008 inside his vehicle after he bought his medicines in Calbayog. xxx “

          An ultimatum was also given to “narco-congressmen” . Except that… one was never a congressman nor a partylist representative. Ever. He was the executive assistant of a mayor. Close? Not even distant.
       From the Inquirer: “‘Narco-congressman’ named by Duterte never a legislator xxx — Jeffrey Celiz, who was erroneously identified by President Rodrigo Duterte as a “congressman, partylist, Panay chapter,” has never been a legislator. xxx He was former chairman and spokesperson of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan in Panay before he left the militant group several years ago and served Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog as his political consultant, spokesperson and executive assistant.
         If this had happened to President Duterte when he was City Prosecutor –- a police witness handing him a list with serious factual errors and testifying with serious factual errors — here’s how City Prosecutor Duterte would have responded: “P!*#xψϠϗ mo, pѪᴤᴪ₦ᶑ   y_ wa ka! Pinahamak mo ko, patyon ta ka” (in English: profanities followed with “you made a fool out of me, I will kill you”).

       He would then have lost his case as City Prosecutor.

       And now he is surrounded by the same kind of people — staffmembers and “intel agents” who provide him with factually wrong “reports” — the same sort of people who disenchanted him as City Prosecutor now surround him as staffmembers. (by the way, staffmembers who provide false information to the President can be proceeded against under the Administrative Code, Civil Service Rules, and other laws).
           Without conceding that any of the other items in the list is supported by evidence, and without detracting from the fact that he is abetting vigilantism and lawlessness with this kind of tactic,  President Duterte should seriously examine how he is playing God by greenlighting death warrants, except that they are apparently based on false information, his mandate of 16 million votes not being an authorization to be the angel of God, or of death.  

       And being a lawyer, he knows that if a document is given to him and it contains basic factual errors, the entire document is rendered not credible, even spurious and false. And more fundamental than that, he knows that a mere “intelligence report” without the agent who has first-hand knowledge of the “facts” stated therein not authenticating it, is a mere scrap of paper (“a mere scrrrap of paper”, as Filipino lawyers love to roll the rr’s when they say this).
            More important, as Commander-in-Chief of all the armed forces, and the Chief Executive of all civilian units and operatives, the safety of the populace is in his hands. A decision based on serious factual errors could lead to an all-out war triggered by a hoax; the loss of millions of civilian lives premised on a rumor; panic, stampede, destruction sparked by a prank; an order to attack or fire artillery set off by a practical joke.
        At the very least, he should investigate how this list was foisted upon him — Ipinahamak siya (he was embarassed before a worldwide audience).  And…

       Without meaning to be facetious, at the very least, he should have an answer to tomorrow’s questions from reporters. Unless he plans to do a Jesus Christ and call out the judge as Lazarus to comply with his ultimatum: “Judge! Come forth! Or be killed again. Come forth!” (Apologies to St. John, John 11:43)

Breaking news: Incoming President Duterte announced in a 12 midnight press con that he might reshuffle the PNP due to the five reportedly drug-related deaths during the Closeup concert. He said the open selling of drugs during the concert simply showed poor intelligence work on the part of the PNP which he said was unacceptable.

    (as an aside , editors and news directors might have to transfer their Malacañang beat to the graveyard shift and relocate to Davao. Just an advice 🙂  )

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