no, not the fortune-teller, i don’t go to fortune-tellers, i go to google; i’m referring to the sim card reader.

        N O T I C E

the sim card reader of my public mobile timed out, the mobile phone wi-fi however is working, which is the strangest thing, i have mobile internet but no phone. anyway. it has to be rebooted but i’m forbidden to manually disentangle the battery. i have to naturally drain out the battery to reboot (the dumbest thing however is i thought of fully charging it this morning, so it will take a while to naturally drain); the brochure says if i try to manually detach the battery, it might… explode daw — if manually removed by an untrained hand… anodaw?! it has to be drained out, i always obey the “law” and not resort to sampalling anyone — there you go, i just conjugated it. (the Filipino word for slapping).

i can be reached thru the office, or by email or landline, or thru this site (just click a comment anywhere). smoke signals don’t work in Metro Manila smog. i suppose carrier pigeons would work. Jedi Skywalker clairvoyance would, too, if the Force is strong with you and if  we’re “connected”.  (hindi naniniwala sa fortune-teller pero naniniwala sa intuition — yours faithfully, blog admin.)

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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