#PiliPinasDebates2016 Leni demands that Marcos return stolen wealth; Marcos says “i cannot give what i do not have”; more jeers

#PiliPinasDebates2016 Leni demands that Marcos return Marcos stolen wealth; Marcos says “i cannot give what i do not have”; more jeers

One thought on “#PiliPinasDebates2016 Leni demands that Marcos return stolen wealth; Marcos says “i cannot give what i do not have”; more jeers

    MEDIA 230 # 11

    About 5000 farmers in KIdapawan City occupied the streets last March 30 , 2016.The drought-stricken farmers were left no choice but to strongly gather in solidarity to make a stand to their soundless voices of plea for the government- of the TUWID NA DAAN – to listen to their needs and act on their request for 15,000 sacks of rice to feed those affected by the drought.  For six months of famine and dried crops with nothing to feed their families, the farmers,   out of desperation marched to the office of Governor Emmylou “Lala” Talino-Mendoza who proposed a privatized irrigation system which just put the spirit of poor farmers down, the more. The Department of Agriculture apart from its drought-resistant seedlings and other projects on paper, did not provide subsidies to augment hunger and immediate assistance to their needs. The impunity manifested by Malacanang , the DA , the DSWD and the Provincial and local government of Kidapawan , are all liable for all of these incompetence and negligence and crime.
    The sad thing is, the wolves attacked those poor farmers mercilessly ,when some of them were detained , a great number of them were targets of bullets from.45 calibers and high-caliber SWAT weapons as they were dispersed , two died and hundreds were injured. Thus, the political Code of Ethics had been violated. The mere fact that the government knew hundreds of farmers and their families have nothing to eat because of the drought for 6 months, the government sprinkled them with bullets as an answer to their hunger and desperation. Or was it the government who was desperate at that point ?. Where is the preservation of human dignity there? The centrality of the family unit in a society of free citizens ? Was the respect of human rights and freedom acknowledged ?Was adequate livelihood provided for them in times that they needed it most ?Was the common good served? Or was there a fear of GOD manifested at all?
    Even  the International Human Rights Standards contain relevant provisions on Freedom of Thought, Conscience ,Religion or Belief.  Under it, no one shall be subjected to coercion. NGOs and support groups lined the streets last April 8 to protest the killings and violent attacks to the farmers of Kidapawan and to continue their plight for food for them and water for their crops. And not only that,  this time, to protest the violations and reckless inhumane responses of the local government , the SWAT team , Gov. Lala ,Its Mayor ,the DA, DSWD and the President of the Philippines.

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