#atthemoment #GoodMorning Hourly Weather Forecast from AccuWeather for today Apr15, 2016 here

#atthemoment Posted at 9:08 am April 15, 2016:

Hourly weather forecast from the AccuWeather app for the location Quezon City ( the AccuWeather app has a forecast for each city for each hour — more accurate than other weather forecasting stations)

9am Mostly sunny at 89°F -90°F or 32.222°C (or tolerably hot) but to get hotter with each hour according to AccuWeather, as follows:

10am at 91°F

11am at 92° F

12noon at 94 ° F

1pm at 94°F, AccuWeather says mostly cloudy with thunderstorms for Quezon City at 1pm — really? Let’s see, let’s test –if this happens, it’s more accurate than PAGASA… Place your bets: PAGASA or AccuWeather?

   Then AccuWeather says that at 2pm in QC it gets hot and mostly sunny, very hot,

peaking at 2pm as follows:

2pm at 96° F or 35.55°C (hot, almost as hot as yesterday but not as hot, stay indoors anyway at 2pm),

3pm at  95°F

4pm at 94 °F

5pm at 92 ° F

6pm at 90° F

7pm at  88°F (it cools down only at 7pm)

8pm at 87°F

9pm at 86°F

10pm at 85°F …

If you want the weather forecast in your particular city at a particular hour, pls post a request in the comments box– Good, hot sunny morning everyone!

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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