@SKYserves SkyCable has poor & weak tech staff, relies on tech-clueless callcenter agents

@SKYserves SkyCable has poor & weak technical staff, and forces customers to rely on tech-clueless callcenter agents

    26 hours after losing the SkyCable signal and 26 hours of multiple reports in three media, i.e., by phone, Twitter, and text mobile; and 26 hours after contending  with so-called SkyCable technical staff who were merely callcenter agents with no hardware or software know-how: i hypothesized to the last callcenter agent i spoke with that: it is most probably not a problem of hardware connection from my end but weak signal from their end, because the CA Info transitions from “No signal” to “Searching for signal” or E52-32 — that means the hardware can detect signals because it transitions from one advisory to another …

     30 minutes after i gave them my theory (that it was a problem of weak signal from their end and not any hardware connection in the house or on the street cable), my signal was restored. First, from spotty signal: erratic squeaky audio signal with pixelizing images like cubist impressionist paintings, alternating with stilllife images …and after 15 minutes of pixelizing impressionist images, i now have all the channels.

     This would have been resolved 24 hours earlier  if the callcenter agent i spoke with yesterday heeded my advice to check their satellites/ transmitters/ cables from their end — but he didn’t believe me, he said the problem was from my end, in the hardware local area connections that only an on-site repairman could address. i repeated to the callcenter agent that i got the same CA Info indicators last week and the tech person turned a switch on from their end and i got back the signal. But the callcenter agent i spoke with did not heed the advice. He repeated like a bot that the problem was the hardware connection either in the house or on the street.

     Why do we have to contend with callcenter agents for technical problems — and they pretend to know what the problem is  and put you on a long waiting list of customers to be visited by their repairman, instead of passing on the issue to the real technical staff who can resolve the issue from their end?

       We have to contend with tech-clueless callcenter agents who recite a memorized script that it is a hardware connection and not a weak signal problem on the part of the cable company.        

         That’s the problem with a monopoly — the service goes unchecked, not helpful, highly unreliable, and very distressing — the tech-clueless staff is actually lying to and deceiving the customers when they say the problem is on our end instead of admitting that the real issue is the weak signal on their end–  while the company rakes in profits and cut cost by using  inexperienced, lying phone operators pretending to be technical engineers.  

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