A movie about overthrowing an evil empire #RogueOne #StarWars another film clip here “This is a rebellion isn’t it –“


A movie about

 fighting a dark, murderous regime that resorts to extrajudicial killings and honoring the waxen “corpse” of its tyrannical, thieving patron as hero, este, er,

about fighting an evil galactic empire that uses the “Death Star” massive weaponry  to destroy entire planets and peaceful civilizations.

                    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

(film clip at the foot of these lines, please click):

Commanding officer: “State your name for the record please”  

           “Jyn Erso” 

(Reads prior charges) “Forgery of imperial documents…

      possession of stolen property…

            aggravated assault…  

                         resisting arrest…” 

Mon Mothma:  “On your own from the age of fifteen.



                     And  undisciplined.” 

Jyn Erso (looks at Mon Mothma): ….

                 “This   is  a rebellion,

                                          isn’t it  …..  “                  

xxx           xxx              xxx

(Su–guuod!  mga kapatid!!!!!!!…

 that’s  just me)

xxx           xxx                xxx

Mon Mothma: “We have a mission for you…

                A major weapons test is imminent.

            We need to know what it is,

                      and how to destroy it.”

xxx                xxx                  xxx

Saw Gerrera: “What will you do when they catch you?….

               “What will you do if they break you? ….

                         “If you continue to fight… what will you become?”

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