#Grammys #Adele hits 7 or so flat notes, stops, says sorry, starts again, finishes to standing ovation

The Grammys tribute to George Michael:

Adele sings “Flat Love”, este, er,  “Fast Love” (originally by George Michael), live, (like all the performers before and after her)… hits seven or so flat notes…

Hits a flat at:

“looking for some e-eiy (flattens out here) education

and again at: …”use—less conversation…”

      another at: “baby … can’t you read…”

        and another at “i don’t even wanna…”

        went on a different key after that…

        flat, flat, teeny flat,

      stops, curses, says sorry, starts again.

     In her second try,

she uses the original lyrics:

“all that bulls_ _ t conversation”

instead of “all that useless conversation…”

      … gets her pitch right and consistent after this, mostly…

…. and finishes to a standing ovation: 

to be fair, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga hit several flat notes too as they were dancing wildly and jumping up and down on live vocals.

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