Passport renewal processing finished in 50 minutes DFA Aseana Macapagal Blvd. Thanks, DFA!

5 hours ago, shot at 7am: Passport renewal processing finished in 50 minutes DFA Aseana Macapagal Blvd.


This is the Courtesy Lane of the Department of Foreign Affairs Office of Consular Affairs in Aseana Building on Macapagal Blvd at 7:00 am. The passport renewal processing took only 50 minutes. i did not use any of my contacts, i did this myself. (i did not call up Usec Dondie or Sec. Yasay — i only resort to calling up the higher ups if the government personnel are corrupt and giving me the runaround even after all requirements have been complied with … like: “mukhang mali ang kulay ng papel, hindi pwede ito, bumalik ho kayo next week…”. In this instance, DFA personnel in Aseana were efficient, courteous, honest. No complaints about the DFA personnel there. )

    But the procedure in completing the documentary requirements and taking the trip there is… (i will not use an adjective, here’s how it went) as follows:

        It requires personal appearance, which requires putting your life on hold for one day to two days to complete the documentary requirements and to go there. To get it right (being an OC for getting the procedure right): requires supervising personally the procurement of the original birth certificate in security paper to get it fast and right (two days by online processing and three hours by manual processing, which is fine, kudos to the Philippine Statistics Authority formerly NSO, no complaints there about the speed and efficiency…  but i had to personally supervise this to get it right and fast; i availed of both procedures, now i’m drowning in a dozen originals which is fine, i’m an OC about original copies and  i did that for public service so i could inform you the fastest way to do this)…

    … and then planning the trip  across the region (crossing three cities in Metro Manila qualifies as “across the region”), and then actually taking that trip (designing the operation is like planning the Normandy invasion, i had to leave at 5am or long before sunrise.  If the rays of the sun are already peeping, your time on target is not met, you have to cancel, the oplan is designed before dawn, you won’t make it back)… what is bothersome:  finding a free day for the operation;  and putting all your work on hold to make the trip.

     The DFA satellite offices in the malls are fully booked online for three months if you are using the regular route; on the other hand the courtesy lanes in the satellites  are for senior citizens, infants, PWDs, visibly pregnant, and OFWs.

     Fortunately, as a regular faculty of U.P.,   the Courtesy Lane in DFA Aseana is available — but it’s across the region. (maybe this post is about the street traffic, it’s what’s complicating the planning and the operation). 

    On a positive note:

     1.The processing took only 50 minutes (if you get there before gates open…  at 7am). Good job, DFA personnel in Aseana.  

   2. There was no favoritism or jumping the line or corrupt practice among the DFA personnel in Aseana. They were polite, helpful, i have no complaints.

   3.The DFA personnel in Aseana were even humorous, kind, compassionate, confidently beautiful with a heart, as follows: Here was our conversation during the photography:

Me: Ang pangit ng picture ko (making a sad face…)

DFA personnel: Bakit Ma’am?

Me: Ang pangit ng lighting dito eh, flourescent light

DFA personnel laughs: Ma’am talagang ganyan ho, parepareho (he’s still inputting my data, and suddenly, the prompt for “city” could not work, it was offline). Naku, offline tayo… Ma’am, duon  kayo sa kabila, pwede uli kayo magpa-picture …

(luckily, the other booth did not have overhead flourescent light, the white light was about three meters away — Good!)

  The passport will be released on Feb. 24 — the picture is okay, hindi ako mukhang sinementong zombie (everybody looks like the crypt-keeper when photographed under flourescent light) … it’s even publishable-good so i can post it here when it’s released. Thank you, DFA people in Aseana!

    Very good work!


3 thoughts on “Passport renewal processing finished in 50 minutes DFA Aseana Macapagal Blvd. Thanks, DFA!

  1. Good job to the staff of DFA aseana.I’ve been there yesterday for my passport renewal.Done in 30 minutes..Alhamdulillah

  2. Mam/Sir,
    May itatanong lang ako Syril po itosa inyo naka online appointment ako this coming Dec.21,2018 schedule for my appearance.

    Actually for renewal po itong passport ko then express type po kinuha ko. Gusto ko lang malaman kung makuha ko before Jan. 4 ang passport ko! kasi paalis napo ako by this coming Jan.4 po. Kahit magbabayad nalang pong additional po. Naka book na talaga ang ticket ko. Sana matulongan niyo po ako na makuha agad ang passport ko.

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