Speaker Alvarez will not convene Lower House tomorrow (effects of that will be posted here at 10pm tomorrow)

    Speaker Bebot Alvarez of the Lower House and the legal advisers of the President think that they can voluntarily waive for the entire Congress, (for both Houses) the constitutional mandate of oversight function over the declaration of martial law by simply not convening tomorrow or on Friday. Embedded is the official electronic communication from the Office of the Speaker of the House to Rep. Rudy Fariñas as forwarded by the staff of Rep. Fariñas to him, as tweeted and posted by rapplerdotcom:

“(To) Rep. Rudy Fariñas


   “From Ken Shaw the EA (executive assistant) of the Speaker

   “Boss, as per Speaker – Malacañang will send their report to Congress in writing. ty

    “Thusly, there will be no need for us to convene tomorrow or on Friday. See you on Monday, except for those who will attend Committee hearings on Friday.

    Thanks and PLEASE STAY SAFE.”

     Let us allow them to do this first: Let us allow them not to convene the Lower House tomorrow.  (these boys want to play games with the Constitution. Go ahead. Don’t convene tomorrow).

    will provide here a textual and contextual analysis of the pertinent constitutional provision and the legal effects of not convening tomorrow after 10pm.(hintayin kong gawin muna nila yan).



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