The Clearheaded Eyewitness Who Solved the Case #ResortsWorldManila Shooting & Torching case

The Clearheaded Eyewitness Who Solved the Case #ResortsWorldManila Shooting and Torching case 

           With the help of the taxi cab driver of the white Avanza taxi cab that the perpetrator had boarded, the PNP as early as 2am today had been able to locate the house of the gunman (see PNP press briefing this afternoon), was able to telephone the wife, and to get a confirmation of the gunman’s identity: former tax specialist Department of Finance staff Jessie Javier Carlos, indicted by the Ombudsman for corruption, terminated from service, heavily indebted gambling addict, estranged from wife and family, banned from all casinos  —  turned casino-torcher.

     The PNP early morning held off release of the identity pending more confirmation from the family; and then released the hotel CCTV at about 12:00 noon today. At about 5:45 pm, the parents of Jessie Javier Carlos came forward today to identify their son as the Resorts World Manila torcher, about five hours after the PNP released the full CCTV to the public in order to crowd-source his identification.

  (file photo of a private vehicle by blog admin)

     Since the screengrab/ photo of Jessie Javier Carlos being shown by PNP Supt. Albayalde this afternoon seemed a younger, leaner, brown-skinned version of the image in the CCTV (contrary to Supt. Albayalde’s earlier description of “maybe foreigner, he is big and white”), the PNP should:

      1)probably match the CCTV figure with a more recent photo of Jessie Javier Carlos; and

     2)should match his teeth with his dental records (ask the medicolegal to immediately file his report on dental matching).

       3)The full CCTV without splicing should be shown;

     4)the slug of the bullet that felled the gunman should be located and examined to determine whether it matches his .38 caliber;

     5)ask the medicolegal if the position of the burned cadaver when found (hands and arms folded and embracing his M4 assault rifle) was consistent with the PNP story that he set himself on fire and, while burning to death, shot himself in the head.

      The PNP was sent on a wild goose chase when they were informed by Resorts World Manila “sources” that the gunman drove his vehicle to the basement parking, leading or misleading the police into wasting an entire day of investigation in locating and investigating the owner of the vehicle that was left at the basement parking.

      Credit should go where it is due:

      In all these mad frenzy of misinformation on the description of the perpetrator, his identity and his motive: The lone clearheaded, sober, and rational eyewitness was the white Avanza taxi cab driver who, with no reward nor recognition, was able to crack the most internationally sensational crime in Metro Manila this year, by simply remembering: “Yes, I dropped him off at Resorts World early evening, he was brown-skinned, spoke in fluent Tagalog, although he spoke very little. He is Filipino … he wanted to listen to the news because he asked to turn the radio channel from music to news … I picked him up from that street corner in San Lazaro, Manila”.  That street corner pointed to by the taxi cab driver was a few meters away from where Jessie Javier Carlos lived.     

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